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Do you use a single ball (brand and type) when you play?


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  • Do you use a single ball (brand and type) when you play?

    I really hate loosing balls I paid for, so for the longest time I just played whatever balls I found. I'd have 3 various balls in my pocket and whatever one came out at the tee box is the one I played that hole. As I got better, with a more consistent putter stroke I found that speed control is very difficult when switching from soft balls, to hard balls, from ProV1's to Supersofts, to Topflight Distance XL. At first I thought I was imagining it, but I'm sure these balls come off the putter face with different speeds assuming the same stroke.

    What's more is that they also come off the wedge face at different speeds, and land with more or less check depending on the ball.

    I just play casual rounds with friends, so I started playing whatever from tee to chipping then pull a ball that I practice with out of my pocket to chip and putt with. This works great, but I do get some flack from my friends about it sometimes, plus it now seems like distance control is also different enough to matter from ball to ball.

    So, after all that,.. here's my question. In casual rounds, do you play balls you find? Or do you use a single type and brand of ball?

    Thank you,
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    I play one ball (brand and type) for the whole round. Ive found a golf ball that works for me so there is no reason for me to play found balls.

    Those I throw in a shag bag and let my daughter hit when we play.
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      I try to stick with the same brand and type of ball if possible. Typically play a Truvis Chrome Soft.

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        Usually I play with whatever I find. However, this season I'm trying to stick with one brand and ball - Srixon Z star (with the occasional Q Star Tour thrown in). Definitely helps with my chipping to play one ball. I'll still play whatever ball I have around if my swing is poor that day and I don't want to lose my gamers.

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          I never play found balls but I do play both a Callaway Chrome Soft and the ERC during the same round. I've played enough with both to understand their playing characteristics and will choose between the two based on what I feel gives me the best chance for success on that hole.
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            I try to stick to 1 ball, just so that I know what its going to do in any given situation. If you play a different ball all the time, you never quite know what its going to do.
            I was reminded of this recently. On Friday, I played a casual round with some Titleist DT Trusofts. Good ball but not the spinniest ball around the greens. Today, I played in a tournament, so I decided to play some Pro V1s. Off of every club, the Pro Vs felt completely different and it took me a few holes to figure out my putting touch with them. I should have just stuck with the Truesofts but oh well.
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              I play a single type of ball most of the time but not out of any loyalty (it frequently changes between brands and ball type over the year). I just want to know my yardages for that day and trust it and playing the same type of ball for 18 holes helps that confidence
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                I have played the QST exclusively the last three years.
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                  I only play Prov1x no matter the situation. It's also the only ball I use on my putting green at home. Any found ball goes to my daughter, my girlfriend or whoever I'm playing with.

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                    Either Bridgestone Tour B XS or Callaway Chrome softs for me

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                      Depends what I find.

                      If I find a ProV1, CS, TP5, ZStar Ill put it in my bag. If its a lesser or X golf ball Ill hand it to one of my playing partners if they want it.

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                        Usually. If I know I'm switching I might end up with a round or two where I'm playing a mix, but for the most part I stick with one type of golf ball. However, I may not have the same year or release of the same ball. So I might have a bunch of Z-Star balls in my bag, but there's a good chance some of them are the previous years release.
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                          Do you use a single ball (brand and type) when you play?

                          Historically, I played whatever was in my bag which included Bridgestone B330 & RX, ProV1, ChromeSoft, TP5, and some Srixon balls. I didnt think I was good enough to notice a difference.

                          Im focused on lowering my index this year (easier typed than done!) and started the season with Bridgestone RX. I recently learned RXS is better for me after going through their fitting process. The best part is I can see a ball performance difference on the course.

                          If you want to focus on scoring, then I suggest finding a ball that fits your swing and stick with it. If you enjoy golfing and dont care about the score, then play whatever works for you (new or found).
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                            I usually play the same brand and model. I’ll try a different ball here or there but it’s not from finding some stray on the course.
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                              I told myself that I was going to play one ball this year, but that didn't happen. I play about 4/5 different kinds each year.
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