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How important is the putter grip?


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  • How important is the putter grip?

    Not the style in which you hold the putter but the actual grip itself. Ive played a superstroke 2.0 counter balance for years. When I ordered my Odyssey Double wide, it arrived with a smaller pistol style grip. I was afraid to change it because of the science behind the entire putter from the grip to the head. The putter has performed well not complaints.......

    Well yesterday I put my Royalty putter in play that has a large grip. I had 9 putts on the front and shot 34. The putter felt stable in my hands, distance control was spot on and speed was excellent.

    It got me thinking, does the grip play that great of a role in putting. Did the larger grip quiet my hands? What do you think THP?

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    Perhaps it is more important than I have ever considered. The original SL Three I received and the Toulon Portland both have the pistol grip and I putted pretty well with each. However, when I started using the DoubleWide with the oversize grip I started really putting "lights out". I can't really say for sure the grip is the sole differentiation as there is also a difference in toe hang among the three with the Three having the most, the Portland some and the DoubleWide being face balanced. Perhaps it is the combination of things.
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      I putted with a pistol grip forever up until after last years Morgan Cup and began putting better immediately with an oversized super stroke grip. I think there is always something to the putter grip whether it’s a pistol grip that works, flat cat, over size, claw grip......whatever works for you, then more power to ya. I’d throw a grip on that double wide just to see and if it’s a bad result always can put the og back on.
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        I think it's critical, especially in relation to hand size. I have large hands and struggle with smaller grips as I get handsy and get away from the pendulum in my shoulder movements.

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          Just like a lot of things I think it important, even if its hard to quantify how much.

          I had been a SS 1.0/2.0 player for probably 5-6 years until this one and I went back to a smaller grip. Lamkin SinkFit Skinny Pistol, and I feel like this year I have a much better stroke. The big thing for me is I believe I can feel the clubhead release through the stroke right now on a more consistent basis.
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            I think itís all personal taste and what you are comfortable with it.
            I tried to follow the trend going with larger size grip. SS grip etc.
            i regrip with Ping grip that I used ling time ago. Itís a simple rubber black grip.
            Iíve been putting well with it.
            So I guess putter grip matters.

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              I think the putter grip is very important in helping the hands thru the ball. Used a standard pistol style grip most my life. Settling in now on mid-size pistol. Canít stand the big fat round gaudy look of the Super Stroke so wonít be trying that.

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                It's a huge effect on your putter stroke. I have the standard grip on my Stroke Lab Double Wide and I really have to make sure that my hands are set correctly. I need to put my standard SS 3.0 on there and make sure that it fits with the SL concept.
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                  The putter grip is very important, but, it is quite individual. Tiger has used a blacked out Pingman grip for a long time, but, others swear by Superstroke putter grips of varying sizes. With the number of putter grips at varying prices on the market, you know it can be important. fwiw, I lose feel with big fat putter grips, and, I stick with rubber Ping putter grips.


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                    I use a GolfPride Tour SNSR, I like it because with the flat sides I feel like I can keep the face squared up. I think the grip is very important.
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                      Agree that its huge. Having the correct grip on a putter can turn it from a total dud to the best flat stick youíve ever gamed. It really is a huge component of the putter.

                      I recently switched to a Flat Cat pistol grip, which I didnít know existed and has been pretty great for me lately.

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                        Hugely important to me. Iím putting as well as I ever have at the moment, and I reckon itís as much about the grip as the actual putter.

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                          I think so. And it should be something the individual tests or is fit for.

                          I think total weight and head weight is important too.
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                            Very important. I love my pool noodle grip, can't use small ones well.
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                              How important is the putter grip?

                              I believe the grip to be one of the most important factors of your putter. Itís the only point of contact between you and the club itself. Iíve ruined putters and thought the putter itself was bad just from having a grip on it that didnít work well for me.
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