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    I tried to find the thread announcing the winner of the "Design Your Own Putter" and am having no luck. Any chance you could send me the link, via PM?
    I see that Scott has something in the works from his Prototype House in Oregon. I am anxious to see what he is able to do with your design.
    Congrats on winning, it is a great thing to have a one-off, anytime.
    LaMont in AZ
    hi abe, i may have some pics of your hand-made putter, next week (design your own putter contest winner). we weren't able to do everything you wanted as a hand-made - so, i am asking my prototype house in oregon to make me a 1-off with more of your specifications. will you please accept the handmade so we can complete the contest? jb is anxious to do this and he has always treated me very well. i am sorry it has taken so long. but, it isn't as easy as it seems. thank you, scott
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