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    Who's gaming one ??

    So I know most as I do wear your standard ball cap style golf hat but was thinking about switching things up once in awhile to a fedora style hat .So who out there games one or is this like the one guy on the course wearing a kilt ???lol.
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    Amp caddy

    Just putting this out there to see if any one has seen this or tried one out saw on FB..???
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    Skate caddy..

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    Club armour

    These are similar pup's just wanted to know if any one has tried these since i am in the market for a new driver and these look like they would do the job....
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    Need your help..

    Well here we go first a little back ground my dad had prostate cancer 8 yrs. back so I got the phone call to go in and get checked that was in my early 40's now 48 .Last week I was diagnosed with early the stages of prostate cancer . Out of the 12 biopsy samples 2 came back positive with LESS...
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    2015 PGA Championship whistling straights

    If interested must register now for tickets...
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    What should happen to these moron's
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    Snaphookz golf strap

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    Extreme par 3......
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    Must see's & do's

    Planning famliy trips and looking for places and things to do thought we could post 5 things to see and do if some one was to vist your city,state or town. So here are my top five for Wi. 1.Wi.dells..lots of stuff to do and have fun. 2.Door...
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    WI. fall get together..

    Well since attending my first thp outing this past july 4 weekend i thought it would be nice to get together again before winter comes knocking on the door since we all went to IL. last time maybe we return the favor? If you are interested post what weekends you have open and maybe we get...
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    Sunglasses for Golf

    Have been looking at the flack jackets like the looks but what makes them worth $150.00 + also every one seems to be going for the polorized lens to cut down on glare but how much glare do you encounter on the course other than off of the water hazards?? Is there a certain color lens i should be...
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    The bridge

    Any one else watching this it has moved to the top of the dvr list for me ??FX wed. nights ..who is the killer??
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    Planning a getaway labor day weekend staying in dubuque and galena looking for some course ideas ???
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    FS. Bushnell V2 rangefinder

    Works great comes with pouch and a cart clamp for attaching to the cart while riding never used it but throughing it in $200.00 OBO.. Only selling because i'am pondering the Garmin s2 watch..ThanksM

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