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    kai'li feeling hollow?

    i've always considered myself a little on the techy side, but i only know so much. right now im playing the kai'li 60x in my driver and bombing it, loving the feel too. remember that this is the r11 graphic kai'li, not the navy blue flowerband. likewise, i play the 70x in my 3 wood, also the r11...
  2. AK jr.

    tip stiff driver shaft

    Here's the deal. Right now I'm playing a 9.5* 905r with a 76s V2 shaft cut to 44.5 inches. I'm getting a decent ball flight, but wouldn't mind if it was a little lower. The big problem though is spin/roll-out. I spin the ball to the point that my ball hops once and sits down right next to where...
  3. AK jr.

    Appleby found his 59 putter

    Everybody thought it got stolen from the bag room, so he grabbed a 2-ball from Kapalua. Apparently he found it today so it was either misplaced or whoever "borrowed" it has returned it. :banana:
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    keeping the left arm straight

    I'm pretty good at checking fundamentals on the range while im practicing. the one thing i have noticed though is a significant loss of distance over the past 2 years. it should be the opposite because i've grown, gained a lot of muscle, and im a little more developed physically one thing i...
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    v1 ipod/iphone and android app

    if you arent familiar with v1 golf, its a video system that allows you to record your swing and draw lines on it as well as compare your swing to many pros through side-by-side and overlay formats. this system used to be ideal for club fitters, big name companies endorsing tour players, teaching...
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    FS: i15 driver, fwy, and hybrid f/s

    sold everything
  7. AK jr.

    deep faced fairway wood

    I am in the market for a deeper face fairway this off season because the i15 just isnt cutting it off the tee. preferably 13 degrees but 15 isn't a problem really. just wanted to hear some opinions of whats newer these days. woods im considering are s9-1 pro, mizuno f60, 906f2/909f3, and...
  8. AK jr.

    FS: RH s57 3-pw kbs tour stiff

  9. AK jr.

    Tiger is back, and with a new driver

    From what i can see, Tiger has switched from his trusty Diamana Whiteboard to a shaft with an orange and white coloration. I don't know if this is just paint, but I assume it is a different shaft. My best guest is that it is the same shaft Ryo Ishikawa is playing in his driver and woods, the GD...
  10. AK jr.

    cross eye dominance + putting = no good

    I'm right handed, left eye dominant, and not putting well at all. I went to the eye doctor a while ago for a check up and he told me about this cross eye dominance which we determined I have because I shoot a gun left handed and my vision sways that way. It wasn't until today that I really...
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    iron shafts for s57s

    im about to go to my clubfitter on wednesday to get this all taken care of so nobody say, "hey you should go to a clubfitter." i am looking at three different shafts other than the stock dg s300. they are the kbs tour, project x, and rifle shafts. any reviews, comparisons, experiences, and...
  12. AK jr.

    shaft lengths in sumo 5000 compared to 907d2

    JB you may be able to help most with this. I have a sumo 5000 with a ust v2 shaft in it, standard length which i would assume plays to 45 inches as standard. I also have a titleist 907d2 with a ysQ which also plays to 45 i assume. being that the titleist is bore through and the nike isnt, are...
  13. AK jr.

    difference between r9 and r9 tp head?

    is there any? just wondering because i got mine for free through a friend and there is a small crack on the toe of the head so he is replacing it for me. i have an r9 tp but is there any difference between the head of the r9 and the head of the r9 tp? cuz all he is replacing is the head
  14. AK jr.

    rife imo

    anybody heard anything about it? i have seen a few on ebay because i am looking for a 2 bar hybrid and am having trouble finding one but that doesnt matter. jb has rife told you anything about this new imo putter? it looks pretty sweet and clean

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