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  • Sorry for the late response - yes they are ozik - always feel free to IM me or send me an email at Akelpsa@gmail.com
    So they are the Ozik HD6/7s, or just stock TM shafts? I'm looking for either aftermarket or TP shafts.
    Still got that Radix HD6? I fell in love with it Tuesday at a demo day. Need one. It's the aftermarket version right?
    Hey... finally got myself the R9 (SuperTri). Still got any spare shafts laying around?
    Maple Hill in Grandville has a Vector that they will let you use.
    Yeah, I'll most likely buy a handful of shafts from eBay this year. I wouldn't mind the R9 graphics, but I don't want the R11 graphics.
    If you put a tip on the HD6 and don't like it that would be perfect, cause I'm hoping to get an R9 that it would fit in. Hang on to the whiteboard, whenever we play this summer if you still have it I'll consider it. I'm trying to build up a good collection of shafts to mess around with, that's why I want an R9, so they can be easily swapped. Plus I love the R9.
    I'd consider buying the both your HD6 and HD7 shafts... but I have no use for the heads.
    Hah no I'm not Lithuanian... just there for a wedding. I've never played any of the courses down the whole 196 stretch of the lake... I just hear about them all the time. I know one member (milo) who lives by me and would probably love to go, there's at least two more from GR that might want to go too.
    Not really a big fisher... go to the local park sometimes and fish in the river but that's about it. My cousin had a wedding by there last October, at Gintara's in New Buffalo. My dad got on Lost Dunes, Harbor Shores and Lake Michigan Hills last summer on a golf trip (I wasn't invited :arrogant:) and said they were amazing. Do you know where Hawks Head in South Haven is? I want to get on there once this summer, we should meet up for a round.
    From Union Pier eh? My great grandma used to live on the beach there... great spot! I'm from Grand Rapids. Have you played Harbor Shores or Lost Dunes?
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