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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Saw this on the news last night and it just pissed me off. They were trying to run a “feel good” piece about a neighbor putting on block concert to try and lift the spirits of everyone locked down. I’m all for positivity but look at the lack of social distancing in the neighborhood
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    Toulon Chicago and Odyssey Double Wide

    I believe the double wide uses a new headcover they’re calling “blade - large”. I use one on my crank neck Atlanta
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    Great bag my friend
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    lets see if I do this right? *sarcasm on* How dare you post facts, from people with frontline experience battling this virus? You must have an agenda here. :alien: *sarcasm off*
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    definitely worried about the balance sheet whether AP/AR will be paid on time going forward.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Thank god I don’t have tapatalk or else the preview photo might have been bad with that last photo
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Are you for real? Take the tin foil hat off and either stop the meds/drugs you’re on or change them because that would be the only reason you typed that. Conditions in our state are severe. Careless spew like this is exactly why numbers are increasing of people testing positive for this virus
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    To all who Participated in Choosing the Most Preferred Driver of 2020

    Mavrik SZ 10.5, golf pride NDMC+4 Orange/black, GD VR6 at 44.5” playing length.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Live Chat with Jason Finley from Callaway Golf

    Jason I’m hoping you’ll be able to address this but how has adding Mr “Rock” Ishii to golf ball R&D 3 years ago been for the entire process and direction of the chromesoft?
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    gotcha. That was my thinking with ordering max Carry for mavrik Max 3+ but kinda thinking maybe a higher lofted head would be better like you’re doing
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    let talk about that max carry project. What’s the plan on that one?
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    Twitter Chat with True Temper/Project X - 3/24

    So looks like friends of THP are having a live chat today on Twitter. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a question to them, here’s your chance. @DB TT @+7 KPTT
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    San Diego has actually had to issue on order to closed gates at state parks, city parks, trails and the beach because people kept showing up and not adhering to request for social distancing.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    incase it’s decided not to have a separate thread or get merged.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    can we get another thread with just actual facts of closures or federal / state orders? Wading through this thread and the BS arguing and Richard measuring is getting old when you have to read pages of back and forth with actual Information sprinkled in sparingly.

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