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  • East Lake Woodlands Golf Course - Nice course, usually fast greens
    Feather Sound, - never played, but I hate their commercials they play on TV all the time. Haven't heard plus or minus about it to be honest
    Westchase - Public course, but a nice course. Doesn't drain very well when we get heavy rain since it was built on swamp land
    The Eagles - Can't stand either the neighborhood or either one of the courses. Usually in crap condition to be honest

    If I recall, you wanted to possibly have the ability to drive your own cart right onto the course and go from there right? If that's still a viable option, I HIGHLY recommend Emerald Greens, TPC Tampa Bay, or Westchase. You'd have the Carrollwood, Cheval, and Westchase subdivisions to choose from, all with wonderful homes.

    Do you have anyone helping you find a home in Tampa or are you guys still in the what location are you comfortable with phase before you start looking for homes there?
    That would be awesome! I am pretty excited about working from home and living on a golf course!
    Of course, I'd be happy to. Do you have a preference in price range though you'd like me to keep it within? I don't want to recommend a course that's below what you're looking for or on the flip side, tease you with a great course but a million dollar price tag range to get to it haha
    Best FW I've ever had. Jman has one also. I have a spare one sitting around, but it's 16.5 (4W territory). I've tried a couple, a DVS, and a Wishon shaft and actually prefer the Wishon shaft. His shafts are very good also. ball-flight differs based on the shafts, but the wishon shaft I have in it now it is a very piercing flight mid trajectory and I hit it about 260ish on a well struck shot.
    It's improving for sure. Depends on location and price of course, but there are more listings going pending per day than going active. Quite a nice change from a couple years ago!
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