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    How Many Rounds Did Your Play In 2018?

    35 for me. Down a little from 2017, but understandable since my primary playing partner (my son) had a broken bone in his foot over the summer and couldn’t play.
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    2018 Quicken Loans National

    So true. That’s how I was this close to Si Woo Kim in one of the late rounds yesterday. He outdrove his two playing partners but missed the fairway right. This is a 9i second shot on 15.
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    FREE: Garmin G8 Cradle/Belt Clip

    PM me if you could use this. I ordered a replacement for my G7 and it came with both.
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    FS: TaylorMade 2017 Masters Edition Staff Bag

    SOLD: Really nice bag in like new condition. Excellent detail and styling including gold accents. Includes a special edition very plush leather driver cover. I do not have the rain cover for the bag. SOLD. They are listed for pretty big money on eBay and they are $600 new.
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    FS/FT Bridgestone B330S Logo Balls

    SOLD shipped or will trade for Srixon QST, Q-Star, Z-Star etc.
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    FS: Vokey SM6 F Grind 56* Wedge NEW in plastic

    SOLD shipped CONUS
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    Pace of Play Improvement?

    I've wondered if golf courses would put a handful of wire marking flags (like they use in tournaments) in carts and perhaps at tee boxes, wouldn't this lead to a better pace of play? I'd certainly use them to help mark other players' balls and move on to look for the next ball in the rough etc...
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    Do You Need Help Teeing The Ball?

    Can someone explain this to me?
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    Help Identifying These Tees

    Picked these up on vacation last summer at a course in Ireland and I've grown to like them, but I'm starting to run low. Haven't seen them for sale anywhere else and don't know what they might be called to google. Has anyone ever seen these for sale anywhere? Ball added for scale.

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