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    The Masters 2021 Contest and Thread Sponsored by Bridgestone Golf

    I would’ve taken so much of your money if I could do that!
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    I’ll pick some up from the store today, lol. Also, my wife saw the bottles in the trash the next day and was very curious why I had taken them.
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    Tag a THPer

    I got some Fireball here if you’re interested, lol
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Glad I managed to weasel my way out of that embarrassment, lol.
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    The Greenside Wedge Game

    Those where the days. I remember a few times where we didn’t hit a single ball on the range. Short game was really dialed in back then.
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    XB and XD looking good! Been a few years since I’ve gotten a new driver...may change this year.
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    Noelle From Srixon Goes Off Course + Contest

    YouTube video, on course discussion with Canadan and now Off Course discussion from Noelle......I ordered a cbx2 wedge today.
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    For Sale THP Putter Covers

    No sorry, beer and pizza cover is sold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For Sale THP Putter Covers

    Yes. Send me a PM
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    For Sale THP Putter Covers

    For sale: THP putter covers. $35 shipped (each) Citrus - Sold! Pizza & Beer - Sold! Bacon - Sold! I've had these covers sitting in storage for long enough, time for someone else to enjoy them. Most have never seen the course. The Beer and Pizza cover has the most wear and I can send...
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    For Sale Toulon Putter, Srixon Utility Iron

    For Sale: Toulon San Diego Stroke Lab. Golf Pride Tour SNSR Grip. Plays at 35 inches. Only used a couple rounds. Mint condition with very little wear on the sole. $400 shipped. Srixon U65 #3 iron. Stiff flex stock shaft. Headcover included. Bag chatter as shown in photos. $100 shipped.
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    For Sale FS - Toulon Portland Garage Putter; Garage Headcover

    1) Toulon Portland Garage. Gamed this season. Light wear, always covered with a headcover. Not interested in trades at this time (got a new baby to buy stuff for!). $400 2) Erin Hills headcover - Used with the Portland, tight fit but works! $50 Buy together for $425! Thanks for looking...
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    FS: Toulon Columbus Proto Putter

    For Sale: Toulon Columbus Proto Putter Length: 35" Loft: 3 degree Lie: 70 degree Light wear from roughly 5 rounds of fall golf. Comes with COA and matching headcover Asking $800 - shipped. Not interested in trades at this time. Thanks!
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    FS: SeeMore PTM1 & Deep Flange

    Selling a couple SeeMore putters that don't get any use. The PTM1 was my first SeeMore and saw approximately a half season of play. The Deep Flange was purchased used and I only gamed it for a couple rounds. They have been inside ever since. I have a few SeeMore headcovers that buyer can choose...

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