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  • I sure did go to UWEC. I was born and raised in Appleton and then moved back after college. Are you from Eau Claire?
    Hey Andy... I am looking for a new instructor mine isn't teaching anymore... I live in Southern California. I am an 11 now but have recently been as low as a 5 but the game is just Lost 30% of my distance and on a launch monitor my spin rate is crazy high... Mike Miles was recommended but he's hard to book with, anyone you can recommend?
    Happy Birthday Andy!! Thank you again for all of your help, hopefully I'll have lesson #2 tonight (if it doesn't rain) and will keep you posted!! I hope you have a great day :cake:
    I have some very nice Nickent 4DX Pro Irons 3 - PW in "The Market Place" section of this forum if you know anyone interested? $219.00 plus shipping. Pictures are in the sale section of THP...
    I took some time and gave you what I thought was an explaintion for the motivation for my posts. I undetstand you are very busy, but I hoped you would could have dropped a short note in response. As I promised I have not said one word in your topic. If you would prefer that to continue, please let me know. If you want my posts to be cleared by you, I can gladly pm them you for your clearance.
    Just thought I would drop in with an update. You provided a couple of tips for me a few months ago. The numbers below are a bit surreal. 7.4 to 3.8 in 3 months since I started working on your tips. Needless to say, I am ecstatic with my game and taking money from friends. A heartfelt 'thank you' again.


    3.8 08/01/09
    5.0 07/01/09
    5.8 06/01/09
    7.4 05/01/09
    7.8 04/01/09
    7.8 03/01/09
    7.5 02/01/09
    7.5 01/01/09
    7.5 12/01/08
    8.3 11/01/08
    8.8 10/01/08
    9.0 09/01/08
    9.2 08/01/08
    I was let go by Westchase the first week of April. Right now I am at the Eagles Golf and Country Club and I am waiting to hear back on a full time teaching job. I will let you know if I get it.
    hey andy i went up to the course for the first time in a while and they said u were gone....whered you go and whyd you leave?
    Thanks for that hollywood. It's like I keep telling people go back and check the basics. Now you have a hybrid that works.
    Hang in there you will win one of the giveaways. I know there are some good things coming up!
    They are great wedges! I know one person who took the vokeys out of the bag and replaced them with the arc wedges.
    I know a number of the people on this site play out here. The 2 individuals that set up this site are members out here. Keep checking in I think that there will be some drawings towards the end of the week.
    pretty cool. i like it here. i can't wait til i qualify for some contest giveaways. plus it sounds like the people are nice here. u know that most of em' golf at westchase?
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