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    My High School Team

    Hey guys, I thought I would give you an update on the team so far this season. We played in a 24 team invitational to start the season. Last year we finished 22 out of 24...This year we placed 9 out of 24. That is a big step in the right direction. We played a district match last week, and...
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    Life and Work Changes

    Guys I have a couple of things to share with you. First on Thursday the 23rd I welcomed in my first Granddaughter. I cannot believe my grandson is already 2.5 years old and now he has a little sister. I am so proud and am blessed with 2 beautiful grandchildren. On the work side I have picked...
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    I'm Back

    Hey everybody, Sorry I have been away so long. With me leaving GolfTEC and the ask the pro section I didn't want to cause any confusion. I figured a year was long enough for things to settle down. Plus I missed you guys! Just a quick update...I have left the full time teaching gig and...
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    Small change coming up soon

    Guys, I am sorry for the delay in getting on the site and getting back to you. Things have been a little crazy for me since I got back from vacation. I have had some things going on in my professional life that has me running around like a mad man. I just want to let you guys know that I...
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    Tampa Area Golfers: GolfTEC Performace Clinics

    Tampa area golfers I want to make you aware of some upcoming performance clinics that we are going to be offering in our Carrollwood and Clearwater locations. The first of many is going to be on January 18th at 5:30. If you would like to attend any of our upcoming performance clinics please...
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    Attention Tampa Area Golfers Big DEMO DAY EVENT!!!

    GolfTEC is proud to announce it's first Demo Day in partnership with Paradise Golf. GolfTEC Tampa is having a huge Demo Day on Saturday January 8th. We would love to see THP members stop out for a great day of golf, fun, and food. We will have all of the big name companies with their latest...
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    My 2011 Tournament Thread

    Well guys the first real event for 2011 is just over a week away. Once the season starts I will add a link to the scoring. I played what you might call a warm up event yesterday. It was a 72 player 18 hole event very informal type setting, but there was some money and some flag events out...
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    Minor Announcement

    I learned my lesson the last time I made one of these. I waited until my gear started to come in and most has arrived so here goes. I have finally gotten my staff aggrement done. I have received a good portion of what I have expected to get for my first year on staff. I will keep updating my...
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    A huge THANK YOU! THP members Rock.

    Dear THP members, I came back from my vacation seeing my family and playing golf to some wonderful well wishes and some great questions on the forum. I am sorry for the delay in my responses. I stop by the mailbox tonight and find an envelope from THP headquarters. In it was an unbelievable...
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    Mini Golf Trip and Vacation

    Well guys it is that time of year again for me. It is time for me to take my annual trip to Wisconsin to see my family and play tons of golf. Last year we played 7 different courses in 4 states over 7 days. I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation. This year there will be less travel...
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    Driver Change in the bag.

    Well as most of you know I have gone somewhat independent until I find a new staff deal. It has been fun trying different gear and putting the bag together with the clubs I feel work the best for me. I have trying out many shafts for the big stick and found the shaft I wanted to play. The...
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    The GolfTEC Birdie Season Facebook Campaign

    We wanted to let all of the great people here at THP about a new Facebook campaign that GolfTEC is running from April 1 through May 15th. We will be giving away weekly prizes to our Facebook fans. We want you and your friends to be in on the action. So check it out and get out there and start...
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    Change in bag.

    There has been a change in my bag and signature. I didn't even think to let anyone know until someone asked me about it today in the forum. It isn't that I had a falling out with or I was disappointed with Cleveland golf. They are at a point where the budget is tight and they are really...
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    Signature Announcement

    I don't know if anyone has noticed the pending changes to my staff bag. I was trying to wait until the gear with my new staff aggrement showed up to make the annoucement. It hasn't arrived yet but I got the call that it is in fact on the way, so I figure I can let you all know who I have...
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    Hey guys I just wanted to drop a quick note. I will have a big announcement to make in a couple of weeks. For the time being I wanted to let everyone know that I am being sent out of state for training purposes until the 28th of this month. I am flying out today for 10 rather intense days of...

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