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    What 'Unwritten Rule of Golf' do you see not being observed?

    People violating unwritten rules doesn’t bother me at all. They’re unwritten for a reason...they’d not actual rules. They’re (usually) arbitrary traditions that make up the majority of things I don’t like about golf. That being said, I differentiate between unwritten rules and course specific...
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    Dig The Mini?

    I had a SLDR Mini not long after they came out. It worked great for me for a while. I used it from the tee and off the deck. It was straighter and longer than anything else I had tried, and I hit it much more consistently. Then I just lost it. I had a few rounds where I didn’t hit it well at...
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    THP VAN?

    Man...somebody is a fan of @Super70sSports.
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    What golf ball logo do you prefer?

    Titleist is the one that looks most “golf”...dated, boring, and only appealing to people over the age of 55. Bridgestone is the only one that’s remotely interesting, and the only one I would really even consider being a logo.
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    Identify the thing that is within your ability to improve that would have the greatest impact on your scores.

    Putting for sure. I probably three putt half the holes I play. If I could just cut that in half it’d be a bigger improvement than anything else.
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    Raised Cups or Styrofoam in the cup

    Gold jacket, green jacket...
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    When it comes to putting, 2 out of 3 IS bad (sorry Meatloaf)...

    Imagine not being able to do any of those three things and you’ll understand what I experience on the green.
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    Your First Drive

    5 is best case scenario, but 1-6 are all in play.
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    Which Would You Spend $500 On A New Putter Or A New Driver

    Neither for me. I can’t hit a driver, and I’d never pay $500 for a putter.
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    What do you remember from your "career round?"

    The only thing I remember about my best round is the score, the course, and the playing partner. I couldn’t tell you a single other thing about it.
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    Spinoff: which is older?

    The sand wedge I’m using right now is three bags old.
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    Do the color of golf balls people use bother you?

    Heck no. I prefer anything other than white (although I usually end up using white balls). I’d love to play black balls if I thought I’d be able to find them.
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    Rules question about chipping/putting a drink in your hand

    That guy sounds like he’d be fun to play least for a little while.
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    Playing greens with no pin, score better?

    It couldn’t hurt. You’d think just out of dumb luck I’d end up near the hole every now and then, but I can’t tell you the last time my first putt was shorter than 12 feet or so.
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    Honesty Time. What Is Your Biggest Weakness While Playing?

    This one for me. I can’t fake confidence. When history has shown me that more often than not I’m going to hit it into the water right in front of me, I can’t convince myself that THIS is the time I’m going to hit a good shot. This is where my most frequent playing partner has me beat. As far...

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