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    Hybrid/Utility Shafts - What’s your flavor?

    I'm still loving the Project X smoke black in my U510; the low launch and spin are perfect for that club.
  2. AnthonyC

    Will you try or play a longer than average driver this season?

    I actually took a half inch off, so I'm playing 45 again.
  3. AnthonyC

    What cigar did you smoke today?

    Arturo Fuente Lost City. Mmmmmmmmmm
  4. AnthonyC

    What cigar did you smoke today?

    You would like montecristo white series and drew estate FSG.
  5. AnthonyC

    Callaway Limited Edition Shamrock Golf Balls

    Thanks goodness, i missed them last year. Ordering today.
  6. AnthonyC

    Cobra Copper Series Irons

    Well there goes more of my money.
  7. AnthonyC

    Your Walk Out Music?

    No sleep til Brooklyn- beastie boys Hip hop is dead- Nas Intergalactic- beastie boys
  8. AnthonyC

    Movie Title Describing Your Tee Shot

    One flew over the kookoos nest Literally
  9. AnthonyC

    Movie Title Describing Your Tee Shot

    The good, the bad, and the ugly
  10. AnthonyC

    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Worked on the sim for a while. Not satisfied with the practice session. Indoor sim ate three of my golf balls again.
  11. AnthonyC

    Do you brush your teeth before or after your morning coffee?

    I haven't brushed my teeth since we started wearing masks. Whats the point.
  12. AnthonyC

    Tour Event 2021 WGC Workday Championship at the Concession

    Has Jason Day always played this slowly?
  13. AnthonyC

    The Hate of PXG

    How does one try these if they are DTC?
  14. AnthonyC

    What do you normally do after a round of golf?

    You took the words right from me. Sulk, drink, contemplate selling all my clubs, book another tee time.
  15. AnthonyC

    Wedding Ring - do you wear it playing?

    Never. It doesn't work with my grip.

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