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    Dallas Area Golf Trip

    I am a ClubCorp Member and will be headed to Dallas next week. I can play the following for just a cart fee and have time for 2 rounds. What would everyone recommend? Thanks in advance for any input. Brookhaven Country ClubGolf Club - Private Canyon Creek Country ClubGolf Club -...
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    WTB: Apex UT 18*

    Looking for an 18* Apex UT.
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    WTB: Regular Flex Iron Shafts

    I am looking for a cheap set of iron shafts. Graphite or steel is fine. For my 12 y/o son who's just starting out.
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    WTB: Regular Flex Irons

    Looking for irons for my son. He's 12 and about 5' tall and swings about 90 mph. Just want something pretty inexpensive and forgiving as I'm not sure he'll stick with it.
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    Fs- callaway 816 dbd 9* $250 obo

    Practically new (one range session) Callaway 816 DBD 9*. Stock Rogue stiff flex shaft. Includes headcover and shaft. $250 obo shipped.[/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
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    Wtb: 9* 815 stiff flex

    Looking for my father-in-law. 9* 815 stiff flex. Prefer to have a headcover but not a deal breaker if not.
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    FS: Taylormade TM880 putter $45

    Nice putter. I bought it used but it couldn't beat my Odyssey so here it is.
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    FS: 910F and Fd with AD DI, Ka Li and PX 8C4 shafts

    910F (average condition), and two 910FDs (one in good condition, one average condition) Shaft options AD DI 7x, Ka Li stock stiff, PX 8C4 stiff. $50 for Ka Li or PX, $70 for AD DI, you pick a head.
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    FS: Whiteboard x flex 910 D3 head

    910 D3 9.5 with Whiteboard 73x Head and shaft are both in great condition. $100
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    FS: PX HANDCRAFTED 6.5 and AD DI 6x with Callaway adapters

    I paid $175 for it. For sale at $125. I used it for one range session and one session in PGA SS and it's not the best fit for me. Great condition, stock Callaway grip and tip. I used this for 2 seasons in my 913 and retipped it at PGA SS and it doesn't fit as well with the new head. Not a...
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    Fs-adams irons cb2 and idea

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    Fs- titleist 910 and 913 heads and shafts

    ***Price drops for the weekend. Let me know if you want any specific combo or package deal*** Time to clear out my closet and my father-law's as well. All prices plus shipping cost to your location. COMPLETE DRIVERS: TITLEIST 910 D2 9.5 WITH PX $100 (WITH HEADCOVER)-PRICE DROP $75...
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    Funny Range story...

    So, my wife decides to get some new fancy body scrub for the house and I'm out of my cheap Dove body wash and I decide to try the wonderful "Cocunut Sugar Rub" and I have to admit, it smells nice and the little granuals make your skin feel nice, so I'm feeling dandy and all prettied up. A while...
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    Changing Wedge loft-effect on bounce?

    I just bought a couple new Jaws wedges and wanted to adjust the loft. The guy at the club desk told me that for each degree you weaken the loft, you take away one degree of bounce, and the opposite as you stregthen loft. Can anyone confirm this as accurate?
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    My new Adams CB2s

    I've played two rounds with my new Adams CB2s and I like them alot, I'm just not sure I'm in love yet. They seem to be a hair longer(3-5yrd per club) compared to my AP2s, which is not a big deal either way. I think that is most likely due to the 1-2* stronger lofts and maybe the lighter shafts...

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