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    Week 4: THP Fantasy Football

    Woe is me I'm 0-3. A blistering 85 points by my squad will not win many matchups. Slim pickens on the waiver wire.
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    Callaway Apex 19 and Apex Pro 19 Irons

    I played in a 15-20 mph wind Sunday and the Apex pro's were my friend in the wind. It was fun hitting a lower penetrating shot that defies the wind and then a towering PW 160 yards downwind right next to the pin. I used my backup set last time out so having the Pro's back in the bag was a blessing.
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    Callaway MAVRIK Drivers

    I have gotten used to the 45.5 length of the Mavrik but this is the first driver that I have played that long. I was playing a short course this weekend and choked down an inch or so and hit some great drives. I could cut it down but I do not mind the extra length above my hands and swing weight...
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    Bunker or No Bunker? That Is The Question.

    My approach to bunker play is to make sure I get out of said bunker on the first shot. My control is not good enough to flirt with bunkers so I do avoid them when possible.
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    Choosing Your Wedge Grind?

    Got fitted and I am happy with the results. The MD5 Jaws have been fantastic.
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    Houston Area THP group

    I cannot make it this Wed but I have Mondays off and would love to play with you sometime. Next weekends weather looks perfect with highs in the 70s so I am going to play twice if possible.
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    How many bags do you own?

    Three Gamer C-130 cart bag Grandaddy Ogio with a full back up set An old Datrek 14 way that is in rough shape with a set of 845s
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    Choose Your UST Mamiya Shafts

    Proto 125 in everything if I am fitting myself. I would switch to lighter shafts but I have had no luck doing so with steel.
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    How much do you take from seeing other putts?

    I will never stand behind someone while they putt but I will step over after they hit and watch the break. Oddly enough I forget to watch my own ball a lot after it goes by the pin.
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    Those with a bag without a separate putter well.

    No putter well. No ------- way!! I have a bag that I want to love and use but it has no putter well so it stays in the closet holding old clubs.
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    Who do you want to play with?

    I am neutral. Don't be a richard and we will be just fine.
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    Moved up a tee box today

    I enjoy playing from forward tees. I will shoot 3-6 shots better usually and I enjoy the game more when I score well. If its a course I play often I will play the shorter tees until I break 80 and then move back from there.
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    Do You Remember All of Your Shots From the Round?

    I cannot remember every shot the next day. I am glad of it:p
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    Build Your 5 Brand Bag

    Driver Callaway STD. Mavrik Hybrids Callaway Super Hybrids 17* and 20* Irons Ben Hogan PTX pro / Icon combo set 4-PW Wedges Cleveland RTX Zipcore 50* and 54* Ping 58* lob wedge. Putter Odyssey Bird of Prey

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