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  • bama! you ok brother? where's our pics? love the avatar!!!!! hate you had to pull the double. miss you!!!
    Yo Keith, you said "keep it in the short stuff" he is the short stuff, he gets in anything thivker and we lose him!
    Hey Bama,

    It was great meeting and sharing round and cart with you today. Glad we got nearly all our holes in too. You are one funny dude with a good game. I will certainly give you a shout when I am in your area to grab a round. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and remember to just keep it in the short stuff.


    I am actually leaving on Spring Break Next weekend.......I was also just reminded by my better half that I was in charge of junior this weekend while she was down in B'ham...Dont worry...we will get out there...
    I've got something to do Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9:00 am til about 3:00 pm. But if this weather continues let's try again next weekend. Sound good? I'm buying two boxes of Penta balls today unless pursuaded by a different ball and will need someone to help me try them out!

    I don't have penta ball money but I just sold my old surround sound. Heh
    Hope all is well with you Bama. When this whether get's up over 50 let's go hit a few!
    That's super nice of you man. To be honest I'm probably 50/50 right now. Gotta see if I can save up the money. Been working part time since getting laid off in September and now have a baby on the way, but I've still gotta find a way to play golf. A man needs that! haha. Was hoping to use my share our tax return on a new driver, so we'll see.
    Get a shaft you want to try send whichever 23 iron you want to test it in and I'll shaft it up and get it back to you. Try the Rifle 5.5 I think you'd like it.
    I am getting some Ping G5's with AWT Regular shafts...probably tomorrow
    I am getting some Ping G5's with AWT Regular shafts....I have to admit I was hitting those farther and better than the MX23's..I am sure it was all shaft related...I also picked up an almost new Callaway FT-5 off of Ebay..both should be in by Monday...Not sure what will become of the MX23's..According to everything, the Nippon Stiff shafts are too much for me and I dont have the time right now or in the foreseeable future to remove and sell the shafts, pick up new ones and install them...Trust me, I looked around for a set of MX23's in a good Regular steel shaft to no avail....I am still considerin options for the 23's...
    What clubs are you getting and with what shafts? Don't get rid of your 23's yet. If I had not gotten the 23's I was looking at S59's I have a 6, 9 & PW in the tour version and I liked them a lot but the 23's beat them during my fitting.
    The fitter was the Ping guy from a demo days. I spent 45 minutes swinging irons and drivers until he had me dialed in.
    I could not argue with the results of the actual shots as well as the shot track he was using.... new clubs are due in Monday...
    Nope just talking in general, do you trust the fitter? Get rid of your MX's ?????? For what these things just plan kick it and the Sumo? I swear the only way they'll get my 23's is to beat them out of my hands I absolutely love these things
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