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    What would you order?

    House marinated olives to start followed by squid ink fettucine.
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    What type of grass do you prefer?

    Playing in the Northeast, I would definitely say Bent grass and poa annua greens. That said I don't mind Bermuda when I'm playing in the south.
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    Contest: Win a Shot Scope V3

    Have you tried a data tracking device? No, although I have used a Garmin Watch for distance, I have never tracked data What makes you want to try the awesome Shot Scope V3? I'm generally data phobic; however, I'm smart enough to realize that tracking data would probably be a benefit for my...
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    8,000,000th Post Status as of March 4th

    It doesn't matter. But, think back about how active the forum was as we made the push for 7million. That time period proved that a goal and a community wide desire to achieve the goal definitely increased engagement and posting on the forum.
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    Looking For Testers: Theragun PRO

    1. Have you tried percussive therapy devices before? Yes, I own a Theragun Mini. 2. What makes you want to try Theragun PRO? I am a 58 year old active person with knee, back and shoulder problems. I would like to remain active and reducing or eliminating aches and pains would go a long...
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    The 2021 Morgan Cup with Cobra PUMA Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player

    I know exactly how you feel about missing the event!
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    What's your springtime weather comfort level?

    April? We might actually get a 40 degree day by then :D. Just kidding of course, I hope.
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    Your golf ball of choice for the upcoming season and why?

    I have 6 different dozen balls for the upcoming season. So, I don’t have a specific ball yet.
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    What's your springtime weather comfort level?

    I will not play until April in all likelihood. I’m resigned to it. I have lived here long enough to hope otherwise. Temperature is forecasted to be below freezing for the next three days.
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    2 years so far

    Congrats 🎉 on the milestone.
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    The 2021 MLB Thread

    It's the first week of March , the beginning of Spring training games, and the pitcher is wearing # 83. All that adds up to a bat flip from this feared slugger. :ROFLMAO: But, it's against the Yankees. :cool:
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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    Stay tuned to this thread. There is a strong likelihood (I hold out hope that it may be a Radspeed) that this will be my driver this season.
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    Oldest Club in Your Bag?

    2006 Ping Redwood Anser. It finds its way in and out of the bag depending on how I am putting.
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    Yes, whenever I'm in Florida, I tend to have grouper or mahi daily.
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    I definitely am more prone to eat fried haddock, with french fries and cole slaw this time of year. Thanks @gkeller813 , I think I know what's for dinner tomorrow night.

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