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    GMac Is Annoyed Too GMac has a few words to say about spectator yelling after shots, seems just as annoyed.
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    Mizuno Cross Core

    I know these are being released over seas but I never knew Mizuno was into golf ball making business. Anyone from that side of the pond ever seen these or has anyone?
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    FS: SkyCaddie SG5

    Selling my SkyCaddie SG5. It's in pretty much like new condition with some very small scratches on the back. This GPS has never been used without a screen cover and still has one on it so the screen is in perfect condition. I'm asking $75 shipped, PM if you might be interested. Comes with...
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    Bushnell V3?

    Alright guys need some help on this one. I went to Golf Galaxy today to buy a Bushnell V2 rangefinder, well they didn't have any. The manager said they had to send all the Bushnell products they had in stock back because the new products are coming out next week. He said the Bushnell V3 will be...
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    Another Senseless Act of Violence|breaking|text|Home&nclick_check=1 Another senseless act of violence but now to the first responders! This is a small town in upstate NY, just outside of Rochester, just south of where I once...
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    Your significant other

    My wife and I in Dominican Rep a few weeks ago. Best mom for my boys and wife, very lucky! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Punta Espada

    Here are some pictures I took at a course I played in Dominican Republic. The course is Punta Espada Golf Club and is ranked #1 in the Caribbean. I played it with a bunch of old buddies, one who is a PGA teaching pro, and his father who also teaches and played some on the senior tour, both who...
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    Tin Cup Ball Mark Goes THP Style

    Look What I Found....where are they? Look What I Found....where are they? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hex Tour

    Anyone seen something like this on the Hex or any other ball. I know it's hard to see but it goes all the way around the ball. Tapaway!
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    Callaway HEX Black and Chrome balls

    Hex Tour Hex Tour Anyone seen something like this on the Hex or any other ball. I know it's hard to see but it goes all the way around the ball. Tapaway!
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    My boys swing!

    My boy is 3 and loves going to the range. Just wanted to share with you guys and give you a little laugh! Hope this works because this is the first video I've ever posted.
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    CBS Ratings

    I just saw Kelly Tillman of CBS post on her twitter account that CBS ratings for the AT&T this year were up 96%!!! That's crazy and to think Tiger an Phil don't do as much for the game as they one did. Thoughts? I just think the number is crazy! Tapaway!
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    For sale is a set of TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons, 4-PW with a 52* xFT wedge. FST KBS Tour X Steel shafts with Golf Pride tour wrap grips (white) std lie and std length. xFT wedge has KBS Hi-Rev shaft in wedge flex. I used this set for most of last years season and they have normal wear...
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    Kudos Stu929

    I can't thank Stu929 enough for his help and understand while I was tring to meet up with him to buy his TaylorMade Ghost Spider, which is beautiful BTW. Stu929 went extrememly out of his way to make it as easy on me as possible to buy his putter with my crazy work and home schedule. Once...
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    New Crocs Golf Shoes

    Just saw Hank Haney post these on twitter. Very interesting and I've posted a link to an article. Tapatalk... Loved by me hated by the wife.

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