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  • It's at least 5hrs to get to the course so I'd like to be in Ruston to get you by 7. Gives us time to eat at the course and warm-up some. If u want to call me this week my cell is 614-8136. I'm off for the week starting Wed. Demo Day Wed, then golf all day Thursday...
    I'll take 50's if there is sun and not windy. I played 9 at Chennault Friday when it was 48 and windy- wasn't TOO bad. No doubt I want 70's too!!! I'm pondering a change of irons myself, but I'm looking at just a shaft change first. I have PX 6.0, thinking PXi or PX 95, possibly Aerotech, but getting a single iron with 5.5 in it from Bridgestone to try. We'll see. I may go new altogether, but I'll see at demo day.
    My opinion of the R1 at this point is pretty crappy. I don't think I've ever had a driver that I've not been able to hit like this thing. I'm still planning on stopping by Dick's and try the TP, but there's no way I would ever switch my Razr Fit with the R1 at this point. I hit my Fit dead center just about every time.
    I picked-up the R1, stiff, from DeSiard today and hit it at MUNY/Forsythe during lunch. Man, I did not like the feel or sound of it. I really think the TP head is different as it has felt wholly different at Dicks. I think I hit my Razr Fit as long or longer, and the feel and sound were SO much better! Anyway, after THAT session, I wouldn't switch from the Fit.
    I did get my reservation. I'm good for leaving at that time as well. I've always been an early riser, so I'll definitely be up and ready by that time.

    I'm probably going to get the Callaway Razr X Forged. I've always been a Callaway junkie, so I might as well keep riding that train. I'm not sure if I'll have them in by the time we leave or not, but I'm hoping I do. I'm going to try to get fit for them sometime this week or next, so then I'll just be waiting on them to get here.
    Did you make your reservation? I'm thinking I'll need to head out by 6AMthat Friday to get you as the GPS says 5 hours...

    What irons are you pondering? I may end up with the rocketbladez. I hit them vs my Bridgestones and the 7 iron RB was 12 yards longer than my 6 iron! It will all be determined at the Edwin Watts demo day, I guess. I pray it doesn't rain.
    I went to Dicks today, after playing nine at Chennault, and tried the new Covert. I hit it straight but about 20 yards shorter than the R1 TP. I also tried the X Hot fwy. I loved it! Straight, a little draw, around 261-265! Much straighter than the RBZ Stage 2 and with similar distance! Nice choice you made buying that thing!
    Do you by any chance know what time it will be. It may be a little difficult for me to leave work that day, but there's a chance.
    Just an FYI, Edwin Watts big demo day is March 13 at Shreveport CC, just before the Texas outing. I've been the last two years and it's been awesome. Last year, at least 5 companies had launch monitors, and some had many interchangeable shafts.
    I hit the X Hot 3 Wood for a little while to get warmed up and then hit it R1. The longest I got was 285, which is about what I would get on any other day. I couldn't keep it straight, though. The guy before me also hit it 300 and that was around 4:15 - 4:20. I'm pretty sure that's what was the long drive since it ended at 5:00, so you were only 1 yard off of tying for the win.

    I hit the X Hot 3 Wood pretty good though. I was keeping it right around 245 but dead center every time. The guy working there told me I should probably hit the RBZ 3 Wood and I would gain about 10 yards. I tried it and I hit it about the same distance as the X Hot, except I was consistently either way right or way left with it. Ended up walking out of there with the X Hot. I'm taking it to the course tomorrow to try it out for real.
    I hit it three times, no adjustments, no warm-up. Hit it 299, one yard short of the high at the time. After I got warmed-up, hit 311 and 313 with the R1 TP. Too late... How'd you do on the long drive? By the way, the RBZ stage 2 fairway was 20 yards longer than the X Hot for me... Check out my post to y'all's R1 thread. Interesting news from TM i got today.
    Really? I was planning on hitting on their monitor again tomorrow if the weather isn't good. What time do they have that going on? I'm pretty much done with work at lunch so I may head over there then.

    Im in Ruston at some point every week (drug rep) seeing docs. But, not always Fridays.
    I'm actually leaving work early tomorrow to head to Dick's Sporting Goods. I called them today to see if they had the X Hot 3 Wood on demo so I can go hit it. I had planned on going today, but the guy I talked to said they were having a long drive contest and other things going on tomorrow celebrating the release of the new TaylorMade clubs, so I'm going there to do that and try to win something. How often do you come to Ruston?
    I'm working in Ruston tomorrow, Friday, so if you're heading to the range with that R1, let me know!!!!
    Here's the address
    Fairfield Inn & Suites Dallas Mansfield
    1480 US Highway 287 North
    Mansfield, Texas 76063
    Ok. Is the address to that Fairfield 1480 Highway 287 N? I just want to make sure I book a room at the right hotel. Looks like they have pretty decent prices.
    I didn't have enough points for two rooms. They didn't have "suites" either, so all I was able to cover was my room for the two nights.
    Do you know the specs of the R1 you're getting? After going to Dick's again and forwarding the LM numbers to the Asst Pro at DeSiard, Matthew Harvey (coached him), he thinks I should try the R1 w/ a 55g shaft, lowest loft, then tweak face/weights... I may go back to Dick's next week and hit the R1 they have.
    I was able to use my Marriott points at the Fairfield Inn in Mansfield that is just 7.5 miles from the course... If you want the number let me know.
    I should know tomorrow about my Marriott points. I'm looking at the Fairfield Inn that is 7.5 miles from the course. If it doesn't work out, I'll book the suites.
    Man! You're on a roll! Bridgestone selection, R1 selection! Sheesh! I need some of your luck! I haven't had a chance to win anything yet... Man!!!
    I hit all the new drivers at Dick's in Monroe today. Distance spin, etc was best with the new RBZ. I was surprised. I will head back Thursday or Friday to pay attention to misses more. Hard to pay attention to those when the distance was 17-20 yards longer than the new Callys and Cobra Amp Cell, plus my Razr Fit...
    I'll probably take Friday off. I actually would have a better "homecoming" from the wife if I leave early Friday AM, play Friday and Saturday, then come home Sunday AM... I just have a lot of time out of town this month and next and it's tough on my wife to watch all three kids, plus work. The room is $149 each night, split two ways. You want that or something cheaper in Arlington?
    "Nate" is organizing Sunday golf and don't know what you're thinking about Sunday, whether you need to get back or not. I PMd him that we may play and to put us down just in case.
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