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  • Got the wedge today. Thanks again it's in great shape, and my son is wicked pumped to get to use it in his high school golf match tomorrow.
    R11S TP. Sorry bout that. My retailer has a 90-120 day return where they will give you full value in in store credit. (they allow 3 returns per purchase max) The best part is I bought my R11 last fall, got the R11S TP as a return +$100, Now the Razr Fit TA. Still have one return if it don't work out too!
    You got 500 bucks for the R11S? Dang! Let me ship you some clubs so you can trade 'em in for me if they pay that much
    The Kai'li is going? Sucks it didn't work out. RIP is still working great for me!
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