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    Tony Finau being sued for $16 Mil!!

    I tried to find a copy of the actual Complaint filed in lawsuit, but did not succeed. If anyone has it, I would love to see it because these types of lawsuits are very hard to win because unless the terms of this type of agreement are clearly expressed in writing, they are barred by the statue...
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    NBA 2019/20

    Alright, everyone who had the Heat in the finals please raise your hand....
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    Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Putters

    You have been doing a great job updating with this putter. It’s a lot of putter for $200 with an insert, changeable weights and a quality shaft and grip.
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    Congrats Scarnici - Hole In One!

    Congrats @Scarnici !!!!!
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    2019-2020 College Football Thread

    At the UM/FSU game with my family. Season tickets were crazy this year, so this is where we ended up for this game.
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    EXPERIENCE 2020 Ben Hogan and UST Mamiya Experience

    No joke, when I first got them I accidentally forgot a my PW at the prior hole. I went back from the next green when I realized it to the group behind and asked if they had grabbed it. They said no, but I saw it in one of their bags. I just grabbed it and the guy said it was his 😂.
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    Contest Winners Thread

    My Travis Matthew shirt came in from the Instagram contest a while back (Thanks THP!). I was expecting something wild or a random color, but I got this awesome dark heather grey color and is so soft! I am beyond stoked.
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    Choose Your UST Mamiya Shafts

    The 4i in the PTx Pro set plays more like a traditional iron and less like a driving iron, which is why I said same shaft. If you went UiHi (if it’s even an option) then I would consider going with a different shaft option depending on what you are trying to achieve. The 4 and 5 irons in the...
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    Choose Your UST Mamiya Shafts

    I play very similar weights and distances to you, and I have been very happy with the Recoil 110 Prototype in my irons. I liked the extra weight which helps me stay on plane better and tightened up my dispersion. I would also go with that shafts 4-PW. Wedges I would think either Recoil 125...
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    Choose Your UST Mamiya Shafts

    I have been playing the Proto 110s but I would love to try the Proto 95s just to see if I can squeeze out a bit more club speed. I have loved the 480 ESX in my hybrid, so I would stick with that in that slot. I would also like try the recoil utility proto. I hear great things, so that would go...
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    Kirkland Signature Wedges

    Not since they stopped offering chopped onions and sauerkraut as condiments because of COVID. It may only be $1.50, but I still have standards.
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    Kirkland Signature Wedges

    If I lived in Surprise(!), I would totally go and set up my own mini demo bay. Grab the wedges, pick up a double-dozen box of the K-Sig balls, throw an artificial turf mat from the seasonal section in the cart, and then go to that back of the store by the mattresses and start hitting into one...
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    NBA 2019/20

    HEAT go up 3-1 against the Celtics + Refs. Tyler Hero was unbelievable.
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    Got mine all filled out. I love surprises!

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