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  • Our attitude and how we think has a tremendous effect on how we play and score. One can benefit by setting realistic expectations and adhering to the following:1) Play the set of tees that best suits your ability. 2) Commit to the shot. You will hit more good shots when you swing without hesitation.3) Visualize where you want to hit it...not where you want to avoid hitting it. Your brain is conditioned to weigh negative thoughts heavier that positive thoughts. 4) Everyone is going to have a few bad shots or bad holes throughout the round. When that happens, let it go and just concentrate on hitting the next shot better.By having a positive frame of mind you'll play better golf and enjoy the game far more.
    No one was ranting. Please keep your comments to yourself I would appreciate it because your wasting my time.

    I thought it was pretty close to the average speed around here. Perhaps a little slower than the bent greens, but pretty close to the bermuda. It putted really well.
    I manage to tan instead of burn. Good thing too because yesterday was the perfect kind of day for sun and wind burns.
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