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    What’s going on in this video of Jordan Spieth?

    Maybe the lie angle machine was broken.
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    Can you judge a book (golfer) by its cover (clubs)?

    Don't bet against the guys with worn out spots and carries only 7 clubs.
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    Do you hit more fairways or more greens?

    Does the fairway on the adjacent hole count?
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    18 Holes of Golf - Three 6's instead of two 9's

    Brooks likes 14-15 holes.
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    EXPERIENCE 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    I've been playing more the past few weeks but my past few rounds were not great on the scorecard but still good to get out and work on things. 1. Driver has started to slice more than fade right now. 2. I need to start using my wood/hybrid more than a 4i and coming up short. 3. Irons are back to...
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    Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid Golf GPS Watch with Slope

    I'm on the fence between the G1 and T8. However, my old garmin S1 and Garmin approach g3 are still working but it might finally be time to upgrade.
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    Congrats: You are Headed to the Grandaddy

    @Vader Congrats. Welcome to the team.
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    THP Limited Series: Item #1

    Received mine and on the fence between work or home.
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    Pa players

    I have not played it this year. Playing Saturday at Flying Hills in Reading.
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    On course charging - Are you a port *****?

    I usually carry a power block in my bag. I heard a few say the cart ports are unstable or heated their phones up.
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD Shaft Up #2 Contest and Live Update Thread

    Just catching up. Great match today and looking forward to tomorrow's round. And my dinner tonight did not look as good as those plates.
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    New from Philly!

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    New from Philly!

    @Jaw2000 snowballs
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    New from Philly!

    @bbbayne just don't bring that baseball swing to course next round.

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