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    Best Carry Bag You've Used?

    Waiting on new SM C-130S for leg update? Thanks again to @MaybeDuffer for the heads up there.
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    Titleist T100, T200 and T300 Irons

    T100S on the list for 2021.
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    Interesting comment about one length irons.

    If we view this as the aeronautical and ballistic equation golf has become (isn't Bryson's caddie a former sharpsman?) The same length irons I think I see a very large shortfall for people not built like Bryson, and a certain net loss of yardage at the top end of the bag for the average player...
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    What are we hoping Santa brings us?

    World Peace and an immediate end to the 'Rona. That's all I ask.
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    Music on the course, yeah or nay?

    Have played both ways. I prefer "course sounds," but it can be fun with music too. It is only annoying if people roll up on the tee box so you can hear it as you're standing over your ball, or so loud you can hear it from the next fairway over. Or if its new country or pop. (Same thing.)
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    Tip for Mattress Delivery?

    I usually wait to see how people do. Its nothing personal. They waited for me to vacuum under where the old one was, which was nice. (y)
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    Do any of you play a course where the first hole is a par 3?

    Can't say I would mind it. The second hole on a course, being a par 3 can back things up. Once a course is gone, its gone. So I give every course a pass. ;)
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    shaft extensions

    If it was a set I picked up on the cheap just for fun, I had some extended. Only 1/2". It's going to add a little butt-end weight. :love: My guy would epoxy in actual shaft pieces from all the extras he had laying around, rather than "extensions." I do that to extend my putters. (y) Had some...
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    Upper Deck PGA Tour Cards

    Is it a drink coaster? Cork? :unsure: The Tiger thing, I'm talking. The one at the top? Is that a "card?" Someone else on the Tweeter feed had the same question,.
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    Golf Course Fatality

    My former BOSS of all people. We were on a course that was an old ski resort. He flips the cart into neutral and we're going downhill about 40 MPH suddenly and the cart starts to shimmy something fierce like its gonna flip. I screamed "STOP!!!" He finally does and starts laughing maniacally. I...
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    Back in Day clubs could put in bag and likely not miss a beat!

    It seems my game has been in a constant state of evolution, ability-wise, throughout my life, and my gear changed as my abilities did. So NOTHING ever seems automatic? I have changed clubs a lot in my life, and consistency in scoring came with consistency in keeping what was working in the bag...
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    What pace of play begins to materially affect your scoring?

    I like 4 hours or less for a round of golf. What I wish people could understand is that you can stay at the 19th hole and gab all ya want if you don't get enough out on the course. You don't HAVE to go home if it's sub-4. Have a beer and hit the putting green or something. Golf courses are...
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    Golf Course Fatality

    Man, never mess around with someone in your cart. Bad news.
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    What pace of play begins to materially affect your scoring?

    The more I read about "pandemic golf," the less I feel I missed this year. What kind of facility was this out of curiosity? The course has to set SOME sort of standard in the shop, and the first tee, and the turn. Letting people out to share clubs, etc. is generally against the...

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