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    CONTEST New Bridgestone TOUR B Golf balls

    VFit say X for me, which is what I am playing now. Lately I am seeing a lot of high driver strokes which is producing some knuckle balls. If selected I would go with XS and do some on course head to head testing.
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    The Opposite Challenge Bag

    Driver: Epic Flash - TM Sim Max Fairway: N/A (x-forged 18* UT) - Cobra F9 Hybrid: Big Bertha and Apex - Cleveland UHX Irons: Apex CF 19 - Sub 70 639 CB Black Wedges: Callaway Md4 - Vokey’s Putter: Toulon Atlanta - Seemore FGP Ball: Bridgestone Tour BX - Snell MTB
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    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Knew you would approve. Thanks for the influencing.
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    Whiskey Thread

    Elijah Craig tonight after a long day building new cellar doors and watching kids, so good. Had the Wild Turkey 101 the other night, woah sweetness, was not expecting that.
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    SeeMore Putters Thread

    I may have just increased my Seemore putter collection. FGP2 inbound.
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    My New "Stimulus" Irons

    Some great contenders there. Enjoy your new clubs.
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    For those who've been hit by a ball ... lets have your story

    I should say we are beating a dead horse here with this story but... we are absolutely not!!! Hosel Rocket, at the Grandaddy, into teamates cranium, Yep that happened.
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    If this is INDEED the future.....count me in.

    One Wheel!! Fried Eggs Golf did a pretty excellent music video about one.
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    5-Wood vs 3-Hy - Which and Why?

    I am experimenting with the top of my bag this season. Fairway woods out and 18* utility iron and 17* Hybrid in. Hoping short shafts equal more consistent shots.
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    Whiskey Thread

    I had a moment last night at the grocery store. I bought $50 worth of grocery’s and $50 worth of booze including a bottle of Wild Turkey 101. Never had it before and thought what the heck.
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    Magic genie grants a wish - eliminate one shot from your repertoire

    The 30 yard draw can say bye bye. Happens maybe once a round but it’s just so bad I can’t stand it. I can deal with a fat shot but that draw can kiss it.
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    Vacation refund problems

    It’s a family vacation with my in laws and wife’s siblings. Consensus from them is to take the 80%. We are looking into options of keeping the reservation and inviting other people.
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    Vacation refund problems

    We booked a rental house for summer vacation through a rental agency and they had a few refund options. Full credit for next year or cash refund of 80%. Good luck getting back your money.
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    Most Changed Club in Your Bag?

    Probably putter right now as I am searching for something and trying new things. Also experimenting with the top end of my bag. If not for that I say I probably switch out all clubs equally.

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