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  • Enjoying the heat lately man?
    If your still in town I was wondering if you'd want to get a round of golf in sometime this week. Wife is out of town for 2 weeks so figure I better get all the golf in I can. Just let me know.
    Ya man totally get it. Didn't think about anyone else before I said it, just curious.
    I literally have to think before every post on this visitor thing still to make sure I am doing it right.
    Haha my bad, I keep doing that I bring my slang from home onto the forum and nobody knows what I'm talking about.

    That is sick man.. tell em your THP buddys say "how you doin?"
    I wonder if I'd be anywhere near the world record of longest long distance relationship.
    Unreal pic. How bout:

    lmao. honestly the hotness of those chicks who wear stuff like that is so irresistible.
    That's what I thought. I would have thought around 20 so basically the same. How does it feel for you to be actually legal? It only took you 3 extra years.
    Bridges this may seem odd now, but I don't even know how old are you man. How old are you?
    Terrible form, bad fashion. C-

    JK. I dunno man ever since good luck chuck she just turns me off. Even though that was just her role.
    True that, not enough symmetry. I envy whoever gets to see those every day.
    Jesus, imagine having a girlfriend like that.

    I've seen a few like that. There is such a Milf at my home club and if you say milf in passing all of the staff knows exactly who you are talking about.
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