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    True Temper Teams Up with Dogleg Brewing

    Sounds like a home run to me. Love the name also.
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    CONTEST The One Length Challenge

    You need to record that conversation to decide the winner. Lots of negotiating by both sides. Sounds like another podcast that will be a “must listen.”
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    Top 5 favorite actors?

    Steve Buscemi Christopher Walken Joaquin Phoenix Any of the regulars in a Christopher Guest movie - that will put me over 5, but if picking 2 would be Guest and Michael McKean
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    CONTEST The One Length Challenge

    Fun listen - I am intrigued by JBs idea of a 2 length set. Being in the northeast, the testing of OL wouldn’t be accomplished until the spring, so there are some better candidates out there. Good luck to those that throw their name in the hat.
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    ZBeekner4’s Journey to the 2019 Grandaddy

    Nice job on the gifs - all facets (swing, forum update game) coming together nicely! You are going to kill it.
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    How Long Since Your Personal Best?

    21 rounds ago. I know that as it just rotated off of my handicap, thankfully. 2 years in a row that I have set a PB. 76 last year, and 75 this year. Can’t wait for the spring!
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    LIVE UPDATE THREAD The 2019 Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya

    Question for @DannyLe - I have The ATTAS and love it. What’s new in the Attas 11 (relative to the Attas) and why is it referred to as “Jack” on different social posts I have seen?
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    The Netflix and Streaming Thread

    PSA - Stepbrothers is on Netflix. That is all.
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    Week 10: THP Fantasy Football

    Without Kamara, Thielen, and Cooks, my team has been dismal the past few weeks. Comical efforts, honestly. I have lost 4 in a row, sitting at 4-5. Need Alvin to save this sinking ship.
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    TaylorMade Big Foot Hi-Toe Wedges

    Only a few rounds in, but I am really enjoying it. I have been reaching for it more outside of the sand than I thought I would. For me, the profile instills confidence, and not afraid to be a little aggressive with flighting the ball closer to the hole. I still prefer a lower running shot...
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    November Fitness Challenge

    Was active each day so far, gained a few lbs over the weekend... Need to jump in a thread re: portion controls.
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    14 Clubs, How Many Brands?

    6, and will be 7 at points as I rotate a Scotty in the mix throughout the season. Ping - driver Cobra - 3-4w Callaway - 7W, hybrid Mizuno - irons TaylorMade - 2 wedges, a single iron (I know that’s weird), putter Cleveland - 1 wedge
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    What Heads For These Shafts

    So much Forged Tec love in several threads. I need to check them out. Might as well throw those heads on these shafts and make a lot of THPers salivate.
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    November Fitness Challenge

    My treadmill streak is up to 2 days - not sure if I will go 30 for 30, but thanks for the little nudge to get moving. Also looking to mix in a little Superspeed swinging.

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