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    Spring Creek golf course in Hershey PA

    That 9 hole course was great for me and my then 10 year old son back in the day. Family friendly for sure.
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    Past Iron Sets: What do you wish you could find a new set of?

    Ping ISI BeCu - wish I still had them. Tommy Armour 845OS - sentimental set I would like to take for a spin
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    Your Warmup Routine

    The one drawback of my home course is a range that is limited to shots of 165 yards. Warm up is therefore 10-15 wedges (full and partial shots), and then 10 or so 9i shots. It’s just to loosen up. I sure wish I could pound about 5 balls with the driver before hitting the course.
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    2021 Open Championship Contest and Thread

    Paul Casey - thanks THP
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    Cabrera is going to prison

    I enjoyed watching him as a competitive golfer. Disappointed to read this.
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    How Unconventional Do You Try?

    Putter: everything is on the table. I have done belly, armlock, LAB, claw, reverse claw, mallet, blade, etc…. Especially in the off season, I get a little nutty looking for the unicorn. Everything else: pretty conventional. 7 wood is probably the only outlier among the people I play with...
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    Trying to Break 80 Club

    After not breaking 80 this year, I have now done so in 3 of the last 6. Yesterday’s 77 could have turned into a career best (75) but doubled 2 of the last 4 holes. Feeling good about the current state of the game. We all know how fickle it can be so hoping I can ride it a bit longer.
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    What is the reason to join a Country Club?

    That’s a lot of money. I am a member at a local club, but would not have joined at the prices you mentioned. For me, it’s all about access to golf. Play 2x most weekends and sneak in an evening round 1x a weeknight. Public tee times are hard to come by around me so it’s all about the access.
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    Round hot dogs..

    Based on the past year+, I am willing to try new things more than ever. Before that, I had been pretty closed minded. More condiments and less choking. Sounds like a nice initiative. Just no ketchup
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    Round hot dogs..

    Ketchup?? Hell no. That's probably another thread though...
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    What is your favorite sound on the course?

    A great memory is the sound of metal spikes on the path. I currently enjoy the thump of a nice bunker shot.
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    Happy Anniversary VGolfman

    I really enjoy his posts and interactions on THP. Congrats on the anniversary!
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    CONTEST Win the Jon Rahm Winning Combo

    Definitely the pants. Thanks THP!
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    You have to hit a fairway! What shot shape are you trying to hit?

    For me the distance of the hole and if there is danger on one side, those will dictate what club I am hitting, and I hit different clubs different shapes. My driver is a fade. My 7W is a draw. My 3W goes pretty straight. I love a nice easy 220 draw with a 7W if the circumstances allow.

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