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    Dad Victories

    My kids are now 18 and 15. The best thing is hearing them say things that I would say to them when they were younger. Some of the “wisdom” sunk in along the way.
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    The Best You Ever Saw - MLB Edition

    Painful to write as a Mets fan, but there was no one better than Mariano Rivera. Enter Sandman, game over. Hitter - Barry Bonds. You just could not throw the ball past him. Incredible few years to watch him hit, juiced and all. Fielder - Rey Ordenez was fun to watch in the field. Atrocious...
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    Happy Bobby Bonilla Day 2020!

    As a Mets fan, I just hope Cespedes has more HRs this year than Bonilla. LFGM!
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    Happy Birthday ‘Merica!! July 4th Edition

    Golf then beach, with BBQ on the beach, both Saturday and Sunday. Great weekend ahead! Now I just have to close the books for the quarter while most folks are off the rest of the week.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats: You are Headed to the Grandmama

    Congrats @xThor , and thanks again for the ChromeSoft TT balls you had sent! You will be a great ambassador for the forum.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT 2020 THP Fantasy Football

    Should be a crazy season - happy that this is back!
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    We Moved to the Nashville Area

    Congrats guys! That’s a lot of golf shoes - wear them well in your new home!
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    How long has it been since your last eagle?

    Today! Chip in from green side rough. An eagle on the card helps the overall score so much. Happy dance :banana:
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    CONTEST The Grandmama: A Full Bag of Callaway Equipment, a Trip and More!

    Epic Flash for me. The look of the bottom of the club doesn’t matter. The green and yellow is hideous. Don’t buy a driver based on color scheme. The drive - At all costs, a drive must give you a chance to get to the green in regulation. That’s it. Distance-sure. Dispersion-tight please. The...
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    Going Pro next week

    Last year I had to play a scratch golfer in an early round of our club championship. I am an 8ish. Could be an 11, but the math says 8. Anyway. I made a bunch of pars. Didn’t care what he scored. Sometimes I didn’t even watch his drives when he had the honor, as I didn’t want to be...
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    Video Range Days: Callaway Epic Forged Irons

    I haven’t poked my head in the review thread for these irons as the cost is just prohibitive, so this was my first real look at them. Results, especially dispersion, were fantastic. Interesting to hear that you were not wowed by them during the session, but were wowed in the post analysis...
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    Sell me on Spikeless Shoes

    I have always worn spikes. But flirted with some spikeless the last 2 months. I have been slipping off the tee whenever there is any moisture. But, they are so comfortable. The spikeless will stay in the rotation but only when absolutely dry. Back to spikes for the dew sweeping rounds.
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    Guys Trips: How many of you have a group who travel?

    We do an annual trip to the Poconos with 20 guys, most of which I used to caddie with. This year will be 27 straight years, and I may have to miss it for only the 2nd time. I am bummed, but my son’s high school graduation was rescheduled for the same weekend. If they go virtual for the...
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    Most Underrated Golfer Ever?

    I feel like Ernie Els is under appreciated. 4 majors. Never makes the “greatest of all time” lists, nor should he, but needs to be celebrated a bit more.
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    Forgiving Wedges

    I am on board with forgiving wedges. One of my favorite clubs from the past was a Ping Eye2 lob wedge that was super forgiving.

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