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    My Man Cave (Den) Is Now Complete

    This is great - congrats!
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    Ever Completely Lost Your Golf Swing?

    It has happened to me within the past year. It’s weird. Just got to hop back on the horse and keep plugging. It will come back soon enough.
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    Favorite Club in Your Bag?

    I really want my putter to be my favorite club. Maybe the one I have on order will do the trick.
  4. BriMac

    MS/AL/TN gathering?

    We have an AirBNB near downtown Birmingham. Walkable to a brewery and a few restaurants.
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    Contest: Ask Jamie Sadlowski and Win

    What part of your game are you working on the most, currently?
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    MS/AL/TN gathering?

    @hambone1023 has been booking our itinerary for 4/23-4/25. As of now we have: Fri: 2:20 Oxmoor Sat: not booked but was thinking Farmlinks Sun: 9am Ch Judge; 2:30 CH Legislator Mon: 7am Ross Bridge If you guys end up getting together that weekend would be great to hook up at some point.
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    Will Tony Finau Win in 2021?

    That Homa chip was insane. Tony has to firm that putt in.
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    2021 weight loss and nutrition thread

    I met my weight loss goal in about 2 months (195 to 170). Now the hard part - maintenance! I don’t need that rollercoaster anymore. Noom has really helped open my eyes on my diet. My metabolism was always pretty good so eating like a moron didn’t pack on the pounds in the past. Nearing 50...
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    Club Fitting Vs Club Demo'ing

    Interesting question - I say Both! #2 sounds more fun and would be a blast. #1 would probably cut the amount of time down significantly to get to the best fit.
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    Evolve Small Batch Custom THP Limited Edition Items

    I have a few Evolve pieces, including the above. The quality is fantastic throughout their lineup - socks, tees, divot tools all solid.
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    What is your favorite pizza style?

    Grandma slice should be an option.
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    Choosing Blind?

    I would do a Goldilocks - not too fat, not too thin (profile). Something just right in the middle.
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    Choose Your Mizuno Irons?

    I would get fit before making a final decision. Without being fit, I would go with JPX 921 Hot Metal Pros. I play the 919 Forged right now and love them. Leaning HMP just for a little more forgiveness to make this game a little easier.

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