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    I have tried to not get pulled into the cooler craze that YETI started, but the thought of a better cooler has been tempting. Realistically, I use coolers a lot. Camping, fishing, boating, road trips, etc. all generally include a cooler. I had a few decent Coleman coolers and didn't seem to...
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    Youth Golf Clubs?

    So I am trying to figure out what to do for my son for new clubs. I bought him a new set of US Kids last year, but he has grown out of them. His golf instructor has recommended I get him some women's clubs for now. He is almost 13 and 5'3"+. His brother is 15 and 5'9", so I am expecting that...
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    Bushnell vs. Caddytek Review/Comparison

    Last week I was trying to decide on a new rangefinder and I was confused by the number of options as well as the brands I know and lesser known brands that were available. Since I was interested in picking up a slope model, that put my Bushnell options at well over $300 and that was more than I...
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    Rangefinder Opinions

    So I'm looking to pick up a sub $200 rangefinder with the slope function. I had considered a regular Bushnell V3, but since I play mostly in Utah, the slope function will come in handy. If I could find a slope V3 for under $250, I would consider that. Here are my options: Caddytek CaddyView...
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    New from Utah

    Greetings all! I'm new to the forum from Utah. (Lehi-Traverse Mtn.) I used to play a fair amount of golf when I lived in South Carolina, but I moved to Utah about eleven years ago and with a new job and babies, the clubs ended up stored away for most of my time here. Since I wasn't around...

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