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  • I got 2 putters for ya to look at-LOL!
    I still think I like that Yes Sandy of mine better, but I really wanna try one of them new TM Spiders (the one that has the 30* toe hang)
    You really did rock out with your personality. That's how you get into these things by letting your personality show through. Really looking forward to meeting you. Haha tree woods are awesome that way
    Congratulations! I've always enjoyed your posts on the forum and look forward to catching a round this July!
    Welcome to the Morgan Cup dude! It's gonna be a fun ride. Can't wait to hit the course in MB.
    I'm jealous man.. I've been bouncing around like crazy.. The only thing I'm sure of at this point is that gigantor grips like super strokes are the worst thing ever.
    Yeah man, machine putters are SWEET! I love the face on them.

    I can only imagine you in the MC, being limited to one company of putters haha!! MC does look pretty crazy awesome though.
    I'm having 'not-buyers' remorse on that Scotty hahaha!

    What's next on the list for you?
    Playing lederach tomorrow with motoo344, probably around 830 am. PM me, or him, or both if you want to play with us. I plan on shooting 100
    No way a beer is in my hand, I did finally get some sleep last night which was needed in a bad way.
    Good morning BFF, I think I need a 55 gallon drum of gatorade to replenish my system. No beers until this weekend for me.
    have an appointment tomorrow @ GG to get fitted for Irons. R-11's are top on my list to test for a purchase. I'll let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for your feedback on your post's
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