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    Back to THP!

    Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I have been able to be on THP, and I am so glad to be back. In that time, I have been working hard in my first year at Methodist University as a Professional Golf Management, and loving every second of it. I look forward to looking through all the...
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    Summer/Team Season review - BulldogsGolf

    Hey THP, I have been so incredibly busy this summer that I have not had much, if any, time, to be on here! I worked at my home country club in the pro shop all summer which was an incredible experience for me, and I hope to be doing it again next summer. I did get out there and play alot of...
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    Quick Autobody/Paint Question

    Okay, so I have homecoming coming up for my high school and myself and a buddy of mine are going to deck out his Jeep Wrangler for it. I was just wondering if that window/glass chalk stuff can go on the body of the car and come off clean or if it will mess with the paint. It's a '99 Wrangler...
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    I got to thinking tonight....everybody has to have some kind of inspiration to go for what they push for their dreams. My question to my fellow THP'ers is, what inspires you? I have people that I look up to, like my parents, the story of my favorite golfer, and guys like Steve...
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    PGA Tour Hats - 50s to now (from

    Found this today and thought it was interesting......Hope you guys like it!
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    2011 Nationwide Tour Grads - Projections had these projections up today. It is interesting to see who they think will make it and who they don't. I totally disagree with Ken Duke and Erik Compton not making it inside the 125.....but that's just my opinion. Both have worked so hard to finally get here that I don't think...
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    Putter Input Wanted

    As I have gotten into golf these last few years, so has my father. He played before, but maybe only once a year. This year I finally convinced him to get a new driver (previous: Taylormade Bubble Burner that was older than me) in a Cleveland DST 10.5*. He also took my old putter, which is a...
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    Grip/Shaft Question

    So I am looking to regrip basically my whole bag (except for driver/56*) this winter. I think I know what I want for grips, but I have a question before I decide. Before varsity season, I put a new golf pride VDR grip on my driver (standard size). I like how it feels, not too thin but not too...
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    Winter is coming.....

    Well, it was inevitable. October 27th and we finally have snow here in upstate NY. Better than last year I guess, which was october 15th...... Anyway, I thought we could have a thread for winter/snow pictures and stories if anyone is interested. I will get some up as soon as we have some...
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    PGA Q School - Stage 1

    Here is link to the leaderboard of the first round of the first section of the 2011 Q school. Notable: Jay Haas Jr. Check out who was last......and what he did on the 5th hole....Spoilers on the bottom for those who don't recognize the name. Hope you guys will keep track of the up and comers...
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    Pulling Wedges

    Hi GolfTec, During my last several rounds, I have been pulling probably 90% of my wedge shots. I am totally baffled as to why. The wedges have always been my strong point, but lately it has been brutal. This is mainly occuring with my 56*, but also somewhat with my 52*. I usually place the...
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    Big Break Ireland [Spoilers]

    New season of Big Break starts on September 20th. It will be an interesting one, since they've never done a European/Links style Big Break have they? I for one will be watching...... Here's some stuff on the players:
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    Who do you think your swing resembles?

    I didn't see another thread when I searched, So I thought I'd start one. Have you ever been told that your swing looks like someone on tour, champions tour, etc? Or have you just noticed similarities? During my tenure of taking lessons, twice in 2 years (my an assistant pro last year and then...
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    Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

    CNN Article Here
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    Putter Transformation?

    Hey guys, just a quick question here. Is there a way (besides the "Belly Putt") that a normal putter (in my case 33") can be turned into a "broom handle" style putter like Adam Scott uses? I have a :nike: method Core 1i and would like to change it to a long putter over the winter. Thanks...

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