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    FS: Cleveland Staff Bag/SM 3.5 Stand Bag/2 Odyssey Putters

    Cleveland Golf Staff Bag: (pretty sure this is the bag the Cleveland staffers in the Morgan Cup 2.0 used) Near New Shape. I have had it for 2 months and used it for 1 on my ClicGear 3.0 (10 Rounds) Rain Hood still in the plastic 10 Inch Top 6 way top with two full length dividers 8 pocket...
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    The Back Foot

    I couldn't find this is a search so... Many times I have been told that on my back swing I am ending up on the outside of my right foot (my back foot since I am a righty) especially when hitting the longer clubs (driver especially). The crappy thing is that in the last 5 years, nobody has told...
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    WTB: Miyazaki C. Kua 59s Wood Shaft

    I am interested in buying or trading for a Miyazaki C. Kua 59s Wood Shaft for my 4W if anyone has one they are interested in parting with. edit: forgot to say it needs to have a .350 tip.
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    For the P NW golfer in case you didn't know

    Next week, on the 8th, Cleveland is doing a demo day in Post Falls, ID (The Highlands) from 10-2 and on the 9th they are in Rathdrum (Twin Lakes) from 10-2. I also found out today that TaylorMade is doing a demo day in Spokane, WA at Painted Hills on the 9th (next Sat.) I believe from 12-5...
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    search didn't bring this up so I thought I would give a heads up on a good product I had a chance to use today The compact version is great since it folds down to easily fit in a pocket but extends so it fits in a divider in your bag to keep your clubs dry. It's much easier...
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    Would you rather...?

    Have Golf as an Olympic sport or pole dancing? (I'm gonna have to say pole dancing)
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    Adidas Porsche Design Golf Cleat B Shoes I've been searching and haven't found anything really on these. Anybody know anything about them?
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    world record being attempted in Lewiston ID Heard this on the radio on the way to work this morning. I'm not finding much on the internet though. The radio, I believe, said that he...
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    Nickent 4dx CB irons hosel diameter?

    I'm looking at maybe buying some Nickent 4DX CBs and am told that they have a .355" hosel diameter. I've seen that they have .370" diameters elsewhere. Are these irons like some where they have both diameters available? I know some irons come with .370" when they have graphite shafts and .355"...
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    Fujikura Contest

    If you Like Fujikura on facebook and fill out the entry form there will be a drawing for a prize package consisting of: Fujikura staff bag Fujikura headcovers a Fujikura shaft & $250 gift certificate
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    Protect Yourselves

    Just read this and it made me think of THP (even though it isn't that close to hq). This is the first I've seen this tactic. Anyone know of any other tactics out there to watch out for? I can't...
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    Ko'olau Golf Club

    Anyone ever play this course? I cannot remember the show on GC I saw it on the other day (Golf Weekly? something like that). They were talking about the Slope Rating being 165 and working to make it easier, the link now says 152 (the show said 154 from the...
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    What is the secret to arranging clubs in the bag?

    I don't know if it is me, my cart, the bags, or the grips I use, but I am so tired of struggling to get my club out of the bag or into it. I have a Bagboy Express cart and it carries the bags at about a 45* angle. I have a Ben Hogan Apex cart bag with 10 dividers, a Cleveland Tour cart bag...
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    Ben Hogan Apparel They need to do a lot better advertising. (I can't be mad at Callaway anymore for letting the brand rot just annoyed that this information was so hard to find :smile:)
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    DrySack-An unofficial review :smile:

    A nice little product I found a couple of weeks ago. $19.95 at my local shop. What it is? A microfiber towel (16" X 24") in a water-resistant nylon sleeve. It comes with the standard carabiner clip with a quick release clip for easy attachment/detachment. The microfiber towel (I really like...

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