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  • I've stared at the gif in your sig for so long trying to find out if he swings right or left handed to no avail... haha
    haha perfect, the sig looks awesome!

    I think they start sending out the clubs closer to the spring, so you should be fine, I bet you'll do a great job!
    That's awesome though, your videos were so well put together man, I can't imagine how deadly your morgan cup equipment reviews will be!!
    just wondering, what do you use for all your videos and pictures, it seems like you are a professional videographer! Really, I was completely impressed with your cleveland wedge promo video, no offense to everyone else, but yours was the best of all of them, cleveland could use it for a commercial, that's how good it was
    haha I think your sig has to say filled with Morgan cup lefty awesomeness instead lol, again congrats on the morgan cup selection! and good luck, I hope you get your team picked today!
    Congrats! Loved your videos and I'm really looking forward to meeting you in July.
    You're in the big show dude!!! That is so awesome, INTL hockey loves at the Morgan Cup!!
    As Guns N' Roses once quoted Cool Hand Luke's warden:​ What we've got here is failure to communicate. :D
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