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  • Yeah it's true, lot's of people laugh when I say I'm going to a chesnut conference lol but plant life is very very important. My mom actually works at the Chile Pepper institute doing research on capsaicinoids, and my dad works at the AG department doing research on plants-he's a plant pathologist actually, they really inspired me to enter the scientific community lol
    I'm currently working in another lab though at the microbiology department-my focus now is pathogenic fungi-specifically Cryphonectria parasitica, a fungi species that devastated the population of chestnut trees in the US, it's was considered an epidemic in the plant world since the chestnut tree was once a predominant species in the eastern United States. My work now is mainly molecular biology and genetics since we work a lot with bacterial genetics for transformations and such, lots of fun work and way different than my prior biofuel work
    Yeah it's quite interesting, the nanomate really helped us out when we needed to do numerous samples. We started collaborating with the local Chemical Engineering department and learned to extract polar lipids and convert them to FAMEs and I taught most of the grad students how to perform such extractions and conversions, then the chemical engineering department would attempt to synthesize biodiesel from their-but they don't really understand the chemistry lol.
    I work for the USDA-ARS but our lab is located on the Cornell campus. Our group has traditionally been involved in plant proteomics/metabolomics. We have national research initiatives (like drought tolerance in plants recently as you might imagine) but we do a lot of collaborative work with Cornell researchers which is where all the grant frustration comes from.
    I just saw your post- I worked for Advion (left in 2004) and I helped develop the 1st generation Nanomate. It wasn't a very good product at that time, I hope they've made improvements, particularly to the chips.
    Sounds like you do some pretty cool work. Biofuels seem to be quite the rage these days.
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