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    Leaving the driver at home

    For a high handicapper the driver is actually my most consistent club. And I use a grip no instructor would approve of. But it works for me. With the exception of the thumb on my left hand extended on the grip and the palm of my right hand over it, the rest of the grip is just like gripping a...
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    Trying to Break 100

    I find my body responds better to twice a week. Whether it be on the course or at the range. Once a week and I tend to feel it more.
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    Trying to Break 100

    I might have to see the dr. soon. Been having stomach issues the past few months. Lets just say in the mornings I can't wander off too far from the bathroom. The sore tummy seems to have affected my stamina. I walked 9 holes today but it was tougher than before. My tummy was aching which I...
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    Trying to Break 100

    Thanks for checking in. Reading posts from way back you can see if we're improving. Myself, the improvement is I rarely have any flat out shanks. Now I just have to reduce the pushes and pulls. I'm not very good at escaping trouble.
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    Trying to Break 100

    I find an easier swing is definitely better. Its not necessarily a slower swing. Its a smoother, more relaxed swing. The hard part is convincing my brain how to determine the difference between that and a slower swing. Every time I make an effort to slow it down it results in mishits...
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    Trying to Break 100

    I'm pretty sure my problem is swinging too hard. It seems to work fine with the driver. I'm 65 and can still hit the occasional 260/270 yard drive with decent accuracy. But it doesn't translate to the other clubs. Its not as simple as "Just don't swing as hard on those clubs". If I back off...
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    When is golf not worth it?

    Generally it would be the elements that make it too unpleasant. Playing in triple digit heat when its over 105 would make me wonder if I shoulda just stayed home. I once played when we knew it was gonna rain. We thought maybe we could finish before it started. About the 12th hole it started...
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    How many bunkers on your most frequented course/s? and whats the most you been in during one round?

    I haven't counted but I think about half the fairways have bunkers. A couple have 3 bunkers in the fairway. Number 18 is a short 340 yard hole with two bunkers around 210-220 depending on where they put the tee box. There's only about 15 yards between them. If you hit long enough to clear...
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    How would you play this hole - #10 lost dunes

    Its a layup hole for me so there's no point in trying to hit a long drive to get closer. Choke down on the driver and hit a low punch type shot that almost always goes straight about 200 yards. Hit an iron in front of the pond. Take an old ball out and throw it in the water trying to appease...
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    Trying to Break 100

    A few weeks ago I found that an easier swing really makes me consistent on the wedges. I was working at the range on a certain easy feel swing speed with the gap wedge about 100 yards. Once I got that feel for the speed it was like every landing spot was within 10 yards of each other. Must...
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    What do you do when your swing falls apart?

    I would say when everything is struggling try choking down and clubbing up one club. And swinging a little softer.
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    Trying to Break 100

    Went on a camping trip the day after golfing. Got back yesterday. So I didn't quite discipline myself to stick with 7 iron the whole round. But I did use it a lot more than normally. I bogeyed the holes I left it short within 20 yards. I did try the long par 3 and left it about 50 yards. A...
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    Do you call penalties on others?

    Nah, I don't normally call it. Now if he tries ragging me that he beat me and I know he cheated, I'll probably mention it then. I used to play with a guy who notoriously miscounted his strokes in his favor. He'd hit a drive into the trees. Hit another tree trying to get out. Hit the...
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    Trying to Break 100

    Well, I put it to the test yesterday afternoon. Went to the range and paid the hourly fee using the Top Tracer monitors. Chose Pebble Beach. Picked the white tees at over 6000 yards. About 300 yards shorter than my home course from the whites. I disciplined myself to use nothing longer...
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    Trying to Break 100

    So this morning I thought I would do what I said I would do. Go out to the driving range and simulate a round of golf using nothing longer than a 7 iron from the fairways and par 3's. You can never be sure because you can't simulate uneven lies. But I really felt like I would not have any...

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