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    Scotland's courses able to open again on 29th May!

    Looking forward to getting out myself Dissapointed we did not get an outing this year Doc . Hopefully get one with all the crew next year.
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    Full Bag Graphite - Could or Do You?

    I already do. Mavrik max driver,3w,HW,9w PXG 0211 5-SW with steel fibre graphite shafts LW is sure out 2 with graphite shaft Putter is stroke lab So all clubs have graphite in them?
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    NEWS The Ball That Changed A Town

    It will be available on after it airs on golf channel. That's what they said in one of their podcasts.
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    I was struggling a bit with my max 3 wood for a bit and ended up using my HW for most shots. However was at the range last night and finally sorted my 3 wood out and was hitting bombs with it. Got to say I love the sound it makes when you connect, it's a satisfying whack . Hoping to get a game...
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    ShotScope V3

    Also the courses are preloaded, so no more downloading courses
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    They look,feel and sound different to the other lofts. There is no visible carbon on the crown like the 3w and HW.
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    Just got my max 9w and the feel of it is not as good as the 3w and HW. It looks as if there is no carbon on the crown. It feels and sounds alot harsher than the other lofts. Also there is only one heavy weight in the heel and no weight at the back. Is it correct that the 9 and 11 wood dont...
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    Callaway MAVRIK Irons

    I have the rogue x and thinking about getting the mavrik irons , are they much better than ths rogus x irons.
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    Played a round today. The star for me was the heaven wood. So easy to hit and gives a nice towering ball flight for me. Struggled a bit with the 3w to begin with, but started to hit it better towards the end of the round
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    I ordered the Max 3W,HW,9W. Got the 3W & HW yesterday, the 9W should arrive next week
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    Review Callaway Epic Forged Irons

    The standard mavrik irons would be closer to the epic forged.The lofts are the same and the offset and sole width would be similar . I currently have the rogue x irons and I am considering the mavrik irons or the epic forged if I can get a set at a decent price
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    Anything new and improved on th SC-300

    I have the sc300 and have the sc200. The sc300 picks up small pitch and chip shots where the sc200 struggled to do this. The carry numbers on the sc300 are accurate for me. The other data such as apex and launch angle I dont think are accurate. I use it for a guide i.e. I am trying to increase...
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    Thinking of getting these fairways, currently play epic flash 5,7,11 woods. I ditched the 3 wood as I hit the 5 wood better. Now thinking of the Max 3w and 2 others, would like to get the heaven wood, but where would this fit in the bag if I get the 3 wood.
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    The Callaway Mavrik Driver

    Looks like someone pushed the button too early. :D They did mention the 14th on the video. Still looking forward to the posts on this on Monday

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