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    Chas WIB

    i have had my yearly update of whats in the bag, so here are a couple of pics of what is in my bag this year. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    Rules question about matchplay competion

    I played in a doubles match play competion today and after the 18 holes we were all square. We played the 1st again and i was getting a stroke the first time round, in the extra hole do i get get the stroke again. I said i should as according to handicaps and stroke index i should. If get the...
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    funny golf video

    don't know if you have all seen this video, but I thought it was funny :D
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    Does anyone use iron covers?

    just started using my new burner 2.0 irons and was wondering if anyone uses those neoprene type iron covers, i have a set and they can be a pain to put on and off. However when not on the clubs do tend to knock into each other. Will this cause any lasting damage to the club head. I do use an...
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    taylormade the marketing kings

    I was speaking to the folk in my local store and they were talking about how they are taking a stack of preorders for the new taylormade kit due in a few weeks and this shows their marketing works as people are willing to order new clubs without hitting them first. I include myself in this as i...
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    machrihanish dunes in Scotland

    I played this course a few months ago and it was an experience, sadly no pics as my camera was busted. However here is a link to a few videos which show how fantastic the course is. Was a long day for me as it took a 4 hour drive to get there and 4 hours to play the...
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    why am i addicted to buying new golf kit

    i seem to have a problem with buying too much golf stuff, in the space of 3 months i have bought new 4 new drivers. In that time i have bought a burner superfast 2.0,srixon zstar,cleveland 270 and a callaway diablo octane black. I cant seem to stick with one driver and when hitting hit bad i...
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    question about set up when using the driver

    i have a general question about setup when addressing the ball when using my driver, do you have the heal of the club resting on the ground with the toe in the air or do you have the sole of the club on the ground. The reason i ask is i am having problems wth consistency with my new zstar...
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    macrihanish dunes

    I live in Scotland and we have many fine courses to play. While surfing arround i came accross this course and it looks a fab course to play and the funny thing about this course is they only use hand mowers for the greens and teeboxes, the rest of the...
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    Hi to everyone from the home of golf in Scotland

    Hi everyone, very new to golf and only been playing for a few months. I am from Glasgow in Scotland which as you all know is the home of golf. Not had a chance to play the old course yet, but hope to do so in the future. I found this great forum when searching for info on new gear. Now starting...

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