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    Divot tools

    I have a couple of Pitchfix ( tools with the switchblade pop out that I like because I don't stab myself as often reaching into my pocket. My favorite one has the RPI hockey logo on it (a friend played there and gave it to me). I am equally...
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    Let’s Go!

    You are a lot nicer than me. I would buy him a new ball but not swimming in a pond at a golf course for it.
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    How many bags do you own?

    I have a few kicking around the house. My primary bag is a Ping Moonlite. I like super light carry bags. I also have an older Sun Mountain Swift which I use when it is going to rain or I am in a cart. In the house I have a very old Cobra tour bag that I store a bunch of crap. I also have a...
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    Heading out on a vacation

    Scotland, Ireland, Bandon, Cabot are all on my list.
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    Choose Your UST Mamiya Shafts

    I would want to try the 95 protos and the wedge shafts. I have never used anything but stock wedge shafts and would like to try them.
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    How much do you take from seeing other putts?

    Speed is obviously important but I will take as much information as I can.
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    Let’s Go!

    I guess it isn't worth it to me to strip down to my undies on the golf course for a golf ball.
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    Who do you want to play with?

    Given those three selections I picked better than me. That is how you get better. That said generally I don't care that much as long as people play reasonably quickly. I am a 4 index at the moment. Generally I play at my club with people within 5-7 strokes of my handicap. Most of my games...
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    Let’s Go!

    Not sure why you would go after one golf ball. Was the kid out of balls?
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    Covers on irons?

    Hard to carry that bag. I don't use iron covers either. I find them annoying and a pain. The irons don't get banged up that bad and I keep my irons for a couple of years anyway so resale isn't my primary thought. Fairway woods are painted and more fragile so I get that but your basic iron...
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    Help My Find My 14th Club

    Maybe a 58 would be better than 60. I never loved the 60 but do like the 58 a lot. I 5W might work but would there be overlap with the 3 hybrid usually they cover about the same distance.
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    How do you fill your foursomes?

    I used to be this way always solo or maybe a twosome if my son was around. I recently joined a club and love that I am building a network of golfers for regular games. To me that is one of the huge benefits of being a member sommewhere.
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    New CNCPT Irons from Titleist

    I would spend the money but I would not buy a set of iron covers. I would have to pay them for 3 years though or my wife would kill me.
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    Let’s Go!

    Good luck to him. Hopefully this will fuel the fire.
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    New CNCPT Irons from Titleist

    I play with a guy who has the CNCPT 2s in his bag and he bombs them. They look real good at address as well. $500 a club is a lot of cabbage though.

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