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    WTB: Womens Club Set

    Hey all, my wife has decided that she would like to take up golf along side me :banana: so looking for an inexpensive set of some kind to get her started. Something with woods/hybrid/irons preferably.
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    SuperStroke Grips - Eliminate the Left

    Just put the 3.0 Ryder cup on my putter get to try it out tomorrow.
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    WTB Kuro Kage Silver

    Looking for a Kuro Kage Silver Regular flex shaft with the Nike Covert adapter that I can experiment with in my Covert.
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    The hooks and casting issue

    I have been having issues lately with hooks off of the tee, I recently took some lessons from Golftec and have gotten my swing more on plane and coming inside to outside and my game has improved quite a bit but now I'm struggling hitting the ball left off of the tee. I took some video last...
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    FS: Taylormade R9 460, Mashie M2, M5, Nike Hybrid

    I have a Taylormade R9 460 10.5* with a Grafalloy Platinum Regular flex shaft, a Cleveland Mashie M2 18* and M5 26* with regular flex shafts, and a Nike CPR 21* hybrid with a regular flex shaft for sale. Up first is the R9, looking for $60 shipped, driver is in very good condition with normal...
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    Course in Albuquerque NM

    Going to be in Albuquerque this weekend and I'm thinking about renting some clubs and trying to get out Sunday, anyone have any recommendations on courses in that area?
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    Nike Method Prototype - Drone

    Suzann Pettersen has been using a pretty cool looking Nike Method Prototype putter the last few tournaments I've seen her in, the only reference I can find on it is from the WITB and it has it listed as "Nike High-MOI Method Prototype". Anyone heard anything about this putter? It looks fairly...
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    True Temper Monaco Giveaway

    True Temper is giving away 2 sets of the shaft DC used to win The Open Championship on Facebook. Link here
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    First Driver Fitting

    And I'm more confused then ever. Started off with my R9 and hit about 8 or so shots distances on the LM seemed to coincide with what I've been seeing on the course the last few times I've gone out club head speed was 90-94 launch angle was around 18-20 spin 3300 average distances 200-210, just...
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    My new putter (fathers day gift)

    My kids told my wife they wanted to get me a golf club for fathers day. I've had my eye on a new putter for awhile and had come down to either the Nike Method Core 1 or an Odyssey White Ice #1. A couple of days ago I got a package in the mail, opened it up to find a beautiful Bronze Odyssey...
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    Huge thanks to Spraytech!!!

    Spraytech and I shared a cart on the Sunday round on the Champions course at the 2011 THP outing. We had a wonderful time and got to know each other and a little bit about each others game. We talked family, golf, and what we liked from the demo day. He is one heck of a golfer and even helped...
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    Swing help

    Posted a video of my swing with Golf Digest and got some feedback that I'm flipping the club instead of staying with the swing and keeping my hands in front of the club head. Are there any good drills to work on hitting down and getting those hands in front. He suggested putting a rope in...
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    What a lunch

    Went to the range for lunch and it started out great, hit my new wedges, my low irons up to my 6 iron really well and straight! Got my Nike CPR hybrid out and was just crushing the ball, straight and long. Then came the driver first 2 shots were very nice both almost hitting the 200 yard sign...
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    Greetings from Illinois

    Hello all, been reading this site for awhile finally decided to join. Been playing golf for about 15 years, just this year started to really try to improve my game and so far it's been pretty good. This seems like a great community hopefully I can contribute as much as I've taken away so far.

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