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    Tendonitis - Golfers Elbow

    Recently I have been experiencing pain just to the outside of my elbow. My Chiropractor called it tennis elbow. I don't play tennis so it can't be that :act-up: He suggested ice and a strap type of deal around my arm just below the joint to help support the muscle that connects there. He also...
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    North Carolina trip

    I'm going to be in the Sandhills area of NC for a week late March. Not a golf trip but planning to play some while in the area. Looking for some insight into some of the courses in the area. I'm new to this game (start of year 2). I know there are some great courses in the area but what about...
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    Shoe cleaning, black marks from eyelets.

    We have a pair of Footjoys with metal eyelets. The eyelet has created a black mark on the shoe. I have tried putting polish on it but without success. Has anyone had this problem and found a way to remove or hide this? A plastic or nylon eyelet would have been a better choice.
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    Hello from Canada's east coast

    Checking in from Nova Scotia. I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks and thought I would join the fun. First year golfer both me and the missus (sp). So far so good with this new adventure, I haven't been asked to leave a golf course yet due to my language. Been told to grumble quietly and...

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