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    How Often Do You Play?

    Not often enough or anywhere near as much as I want to.
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    WTB Sell Me A 2021 Model Driver Head That You Aren’t Using!

    Some guy named Bryson may come along with some Cobra tour van stuff. Watch out, it sucks.
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    Next Career Grand Slam

    ANGC is Rory's White will elude him. He may come close once.or twice, but it will always get the better of him.
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    Favorite Major of 2021?

    They were all great viewing and it shows golf will survive without Tiger competing.
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    Bryson or Patrick the most insufferable and unlikable golfer on tour.
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    2021 Open Championship Contest and Thread

    Morikawa's game is solid...all aspects. Enjoy that walk up 18...
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    What is the primary reason for slow play?

    Lack of self awareness and heaping helping of entitlement ( I paid my money, I'll take as long as I want) mindset.
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    What's your nemesis shot?

    I've managed to hit a push fade off a hook lie, so whatever...
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    He turned me off ever since his comments during The Open in 2016 about how it's not his responsibility to grow the game and all he really cares about is winning majors. It struck me as extremely selfish and obtuse. All tour pros have a responsibility to grow the game and those who are more...
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    The 59 Watch Thread

    That approach had loads of was right at it. 60 is still a great round.
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    The 59 Watch Thread

    James Hahn at the Barbrasol Championship. Needs birdie on 18 for 59.
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    Bryson's Driver

    I've been cringing at every Cobra and Bridgestone commercial up the Mevo one for good measure.
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    Who is the face of Cobra Golf?

    Anyone???? Anyone???? Bueller?
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    Bryson's Driver

    Searching for the "Face of Cobra Golf" thread from a couple months ago...

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