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    What are your favorite small boutique milled putter companies?

    I really enjoyed Gene Nead’s putters. I am a bit biased based on us crossing paths in previous careers... Doesn’t look like he is building putters anymore but if the right one showed up, i’d be real tempted...
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    We’ve got a mix... cast iron, stainless, and cheapo Walmart non-stick. Here lately, we’re using the fire out of the cast iron. Stainless takes some learning with the preheating and oiling. The non-stick is great for when I just don’t want to fool with the preheating and cleaning that come with...
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    Should most golf apparel brands take the DTC route.

    I don’t doubt that they’re coming from different sources, or even that some manufacturer in the US to some extent. How do you define quality? I just have a hard time pulling the trigger on clothing that is 50% higher when the quality seems to be buried in the marketing and pricing. I’m no...
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    Should most golf apparel brands take the DTC route.

    I’m out. I’m way too picky with fit to hope it’s right when it hits my doorstep. Now if DTC would provide the savings to the consumer that it theoretically should, I can deal with the hassle of returns if it’s not what I anticipated, but i just don’t get the idea that it’s doing that. In fact...
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Replacing the first piece I ever built... a tv console. As proud of it as I was back then, upon reflection I had no idea what I was doing and have had an ugly “box” with a tiled top, “edged” with some casing. I’m embarrassed to even post a pic. Needless to say, we’re upgrading. This is a...
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    Choose One!

    Speaking of...
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    Choose One!

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    Implantable cardioverter defibrillators

    That’s great news! I wish the recovery was that quick 15 years ago. It’s truly amazing how quickly the medical industry appears to evolve
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    Does Santa Wrap

    This has been a point of contention in our house for years! My wife insists that Santa doesn't wrap while he always wrapped mine as a kid ;) There's something to the excitement of not knowing what is behind the wrapping paper!
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    Implantable cardioverter defibrillators

    I’ve got one. I’m on year 11 since my first and have had it replaced once due to the battery being depleted (typical battery expectancy was around 6-7 years on my first, I think they’re shooting for 10 on the one I have now). Your initial recovery is the toughest part as you simply are having...
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    Hole In One Poll

    I’ve got to admit I’m a bit surprised by how high the percentage is of those that have made a HIO. Given how rare it is considered to achieve the feat, I would have never expected 45% to answer “yes” as of this post. I suppose it’s natural for stats to be skewed with selective responses
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    We Moved to the Nashville Area

    I strongly recommend hitting the 12 South area and going to urban grub. There are a lot of great options depending on what type of food, Atmosphere, and budget
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    What did you learn in your last golf lesson?

    Worked in getting hands deeper in backswing to create some speed, getting taller on backswing (I tend to drop), and initiating swing with arms instead of body
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    Odd Course Routing Decisions

    Gotta be Gaylord... have you tried out anywhere else in town yet?

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