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    Most overused term in Golf marketing?

    I voted Tour. Using “Tour” at all is overusing it IMHO. What is “Tour”? Tour pros use all sorts of stuff, most of it easily accessible by anyone.
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    A bad case of hosel rockets...

    Any time my body turn gets too quick and open, I start smacking them off the toe. It’s not something I can fix on the course, so I just set up with the ball on my hosel. Back to hitting them flush with just a little push that i account for with alignment. I wouldn’t suggest lining up on the...
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    Swing weight tolerances.

    Swing weight can certainly throw tempo off for anyone. But I think total weight is an even bigger issue. But you can’t always categorize need for, or sensitivity to feel, weights or forgiveness by “handicaps”. I’m not a low capper. But I strike my irons and driver very well. I play too...
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    Sliding during the downswing

    Looking back at what I said, I don’t see any mention of a stack and tilt swing. What I mentioned was him stacking up on his left side in his backswing in his later years. This one small detail of his backswing doesn’t make it a stack and tilt and I never claimed such. He just put himself on his...
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    Sliding during the downswing

    Early Hogan definitely had a slide. Late Hogan started stacking on his left foot in his backswing. Effectively building his downswing slide into his backswing. The others. You’re right. I don’t slide. It’s bad for my swing. But Hogan definitely had a slide at one point.
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    64 Degree Wedge: Yes or No?

    I’ve tried one. I’d never use it for anything other than popping it up high over a hill or an obstacle to stick it close to a short sided pin. And honestly, I’m more successful in doing that with an opened up 58* or 60*. So no. Im good on the 64.
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    Missing putts above the hole?

    Don’t forget the other, less talked about evil of the low side. When you’re flirting with the edge of the cup on a putt, way more often than not the high side likes to drop in and the low side likes to lip out.
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    Clubs you wish didn’t work so well for you?

    Cobra Bio Cell+ with Proforce V2. It’s an older driver with an old, boring shaft that just won’t quit hitting mid/high trajectory lasers. I really want a sexy new driver, but I see no need.
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    Hype that was confirmed for you?

    The biggest one for me is an oldie but goodie. That Cleveland MASHIE was nothing to sneeze at. I miss that club. :cry:
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    Your Current Wedges

    Cleveland Mack Daddy 2 52*, 56*, 60*.I honestly don’t know why I still have them. Worst wedges I’ve ever bagged. Zero confidence over them. Spin is as inconsistent as I’ve ever seen.
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    One Club Between Driver and Irons?

    Just letting go and accepting that you’re gonna play the one club you have is a surprisingly effective stress reducer.
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    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges

    The best run of wedge play I ever had was using Vokey SM4’s. Of course as a self admitted club h**, I traded them in on what we’re a decent set in the Ping Glide wedges. The worst set of wedges I’ve ever bagged are the current Callaway Mack Daddy 2 that I’m gaming. Might be time for me to go...
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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    So from what you can tell, would I be able to set it neutral and deloft a 10.5 to 9.5 and maybe get it a degree or so open?
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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    I need to just check one out in person and get a store employee to let me set a 10.5 to 9.5 to see how it looks. It just looked pretty closed to me on their website pics and the couple of YouTube reviews I’ve watched both mentioned it sitting closed at address. The numbers don’t lie, though...
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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    You were the last one to post on here, so you get my question. Can this driver be set to a square (not closed), or slightly open face angle? I need a new driver and this one is very interesting to me. But I don’t fight a slice at all. My stock shot is about a 15-25 yard draw off the tee. So the...

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