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    THP Callaborative Map (Unofficial)

    Toss one in for Ottawa Ontario! Nepean, if we’re being specific
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    "Different" colored irons apologies and thoughts

    I think just like with everything if it’s a limited edition thing with enough interest it doesn’t matter if there’s tech or not they will move. if it’s a catalogue set of t100’s in regular finish or t100’s in black finish readily available for the season there’s no way I’m going up 20% increase...
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    TheraOne by Therabody CBD Products

    I’m using a couple similar products here up north, and with the tincture I’ve found the most success using the droplet under the tongue and letting it sit there for 20-30 seconds, then sort of swirling the oil around across the gums to help it enter your system quicker. Not sure if there’s...
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    Should I Buy Golf Joggers

    These have been some of my go to ones, they stretch great and are somewhat thinner material so they’re great in the summer too. Belt loops as well as the stretch waist. Uniqlo EZ Jogger
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    What do you do for a living?

    Previously I was working in client services for a pro sports team here, but with everything that’s been going on the last year nobody has really been working since venues aren’t open to the general public. Yesterday I received a job offer (finally!) to be a project coordinator for one of the...
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    Marijuana On The Course

    not to mention there are many CBD based options that come in the form of drops or edibles or other options that don’t necessarily give you the “high” you’re talking about.
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    Marijuana On The Course

    This is a great thread. As someone in Canada we are obviously at a different stage than most of the US with the legalization process and I’m extremely glad it’s finally happened. on another note, as someone with some direct involvement in the industry if anybody had questions or need...
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    Vanity With Your Clubs?

    In regards to your smaller club question, I firmly believe this is an ego thing that a lot of golfers struggle with in thinking the smaller the club the harder it is to hit the ball.
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    Give me just one tip for my first year of golf

    Remember that the frustration is part of what you signed up for, so don’t be too hard on yourself when things do inevitably go south. Learn to laugh it off
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    The Tiger Collection

    Came across this posting looking through the Canadian version of Craigslist this morning, some super interesting pieces! I have no idea how to value these, so is what he’s asking a realistic price? Tiger Woods Putter Collection
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    My new putting green?

    What is the maintenance for something like this like?
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    Wilson-Staff 50% Off Flash Sale 11/10/2020

    I wonder if this is an example of the Wilson family focusing on where it’s having success vs trying to build up a new segment. Wilson is quite dominant in the baseball and volleyball, hell even tennis markets. I wonder if not having a golf guy at the helm is what’s really screwing them over. I...
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    CONTEST Pick the Winner of the 2020 Ben Hogan Experience

    Going to wager team Tyler here. I am not a member Right handed
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    2020 NFL Thread

    As a Browns fan that was frustrating to watch, but I’ll take the win.

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