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  • Thanksgiving is a looong way out and it will probably be snowy, but unfortunately that is literally the only time right now I can give you a sure fire day I can play golf. It's week by week for my weekends... I get my schedule this fri, I'll let you know for this Sunday and Sat. the 3rd of Nov.
    We go a little longer into the summer. It's really not a big deal. Last fri of every month is off. Extra days off on Thanksgiving and Spring breaks. two 2-day breaks in winter. Extra day for Memorial day. Fri off before exam week.
    I assume you have school Friday? Skip. Another perk to WMAA is more days off :)

    It's tough to make calls in advance with me working... Saturday we'd have to tee off around 8 am to make it work. Sunday I don't even know when I work yet, won't know till fri.
    Keep in mind though, you can gross $35or so a dozen on eBay. Take off $4 for the eBay and PayPal fees and $5 to ship it (gotta do free shipping or people will just buy from someone else who gives free shipping) per dozen and you're only at $26 x 6 = 156 total. Sell em all together you get $200-20 fees - 10 shipping is about 170.
    Well, 200 is about what you're gonna get for the six dozen gross. If you sold each one individually it would maybe be 220 but that would be a big hassle to do. Have you ever sold something? What's your feedback?

    Whatever you end up with, remember it's free money...
    a) Do you even have an eBay account? Start there L)

    I can easily gross 200 on eBay. You'd take home about 160 after eBay fees, shipping, and my commission.
    I'll eBay them for you for a 10% commission. You won't get crap on CL or selling to any retail store.
    Did or didn't? What are you gonna do with them? You don't like those balls do you :)
    I've decided to dedicate my life to finding someone who hates TaylorMade more than you :)

    I hate Nike more than anyone I know so I know how you feel :)
    I'm hitting Zac's Mashie tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure it's real you should take it.
    I wish I could say I liked it but my swing was so effed up when I had it... and when I did hit it good it wasn't good. Too light of a shaft with that heavy of a head. The AMP Cell is awesome... I'll be amazed if it's better than my AMP.

    I spent an hour last night scouring my room for stuff I don't need anymore that I never use and will never use again. It's all in the process of being put on CL. If everything sells for what I want it to sell for I'll be buying myself a GX-4i rangefinder and a Bridgestone stand bag.
    The C.Kua shaft I had on it. I had a buyer who actually knew a thing or two about shafts and knew it's a $250 shaft and payed my asking price of $200. I got loads of offers ranging from $80 to $140 then he came along.
    Hardly spent a dime actually. Sold the RBZ for 150 bought the mashies for 180. Sold my R9 for 200 bought the AMP for 150. Came out 20 bucks richer.
    Now I'm bag hunting (no push cart--- getting a carry bag!) and saving for a 58* ATV and trying to get a new rangefinder (via selling my current one and my GPS... multiple craigslist offers but they're all bogus)
    Well, I wanted a higher launch. best way to fix that is higher loft. I wanted more versatility off the ground with the woods, and I couldn't stop hooking the hybrid (and any hybrid I hit). I was actually going to buy an Anser 3 wood until Scott at MH begged me to take the mashies out too (if you remember I freaking hated them when I hit 'em last spring). So I did and it was totally different. I've never seen such awesomeness in a FM. Well I was now 3-woodless and had a useless hybrid sitting around... so I asked Zac/unijayhawk to trade me his i15 for the hybrid and he did. Driver - everyone on here keeps saying how good the AMP is so I went and hit it and it was that good. I wanted a new driver again for higher launch and the C.Kua was simply too light. It came down to the AMP and Classic... I ended up going with the AMP because cobra was in MC3.0. Had I been able to see the future I'd have gone Classic lol. I still might buy a Classic headcover for the Amp... love the look of it.
    It's a different shaft than the C.Kua. (it's actually a $68 upcharge custom through cleveland). It's gonna launch much higher. Probably comparable to your 17* FL but maybe some more carry. He'd trade you for your FL, he'd definitely want your 58* CG15, or your SeeMore:blob:. Send him an email and tell him you're my friend and I told you all of this.
    Yeah... first place gets to choose between the SCORs and the ProV1s. Whoever gets second place gets whatever prize first didn't choose. I was trying to tell you that earlier but... Anyway unless someone manages to catch up you'll get a prize.

    He paid $30 shipped on eBay. It launches way too high for him. Lesson learned: Don't buy a custom shafted club without trying it first. You'd probably balloon it too.
    Offer him $40 even. He just wants to get back what he paid for it.

    I gave up on the Freebirdee thing if you didn't notice. Maybe you'll get lucky and the first guy will choose ProV1s.

    How's APUSH?
    The "fella" with the Mashie 3 wood happens to be one of my best friends lol... unijayhawk on the forum. He's just gonna trade it in at maple hill unless you go offer him $50 which he'd take.
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