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  • yeah, shot him a message earlier and he sent one back.. Still waiting on a reply after my second email. I can't see myself not buying one at this point!! Hopefully he doesn't mind shipping to Ohio.
    Yes sir. Been a great place for me to learn and hopefully soon enough I will be able to help others!
    Buckjob has performed a coup of epic proportions. Dude has got more invested in putters right now than I could dream of. lol
    Well, my putting has sucked in the last few rounds. A friend i was with today has a Scotty Monterey and on the 8th green I took it and drained a 25 footer without even reading the break. So i used it the rest of the round and loved it. Putted great. Other friend has a YES Bella which is the same shape and I hit that well too. So I went to MH wanting a putter with that same head shape. Well, my options were Scotty, YES, and MX. Scotty was unfortunately out due to price. I just liked the look and feel of the MX better so I went with that one. Got fit for length and lie and paid (with a generous discount) and boom I have a new putter.
    Metal-X! Wasn't a SeeMore like I kinda want but it'll do.

    If that fool on craigslist would respond to my freaking emails about the SeeMore putter.
    Jack does not like that style of sunglasses. Perhaps he would sell you a SCOR wedge for a discount though.
    ehh... I wouldn't trade a scor wedge for those.I was hoping they were fast jackets or oil rigs or something like that.
    a) you usually only need 10-15 points to win. no sweat getting that many friends to sign up.
    b) What oakleys are they!?!?!?
    Easily. I win them all easily except for the one I forgot to check after like 3 days. (they limited it to one prize per person for the july, august, and sept. months so I wanted to wait till sept for the scors). Plus its much easier to win when school is in session cause its much easier to get friends to sign up.
    When I win the Sept. Freebirdee contest for 3 SCOR wedges, I'll be gaming them. Should I decide to go back to my ATVs, we'll talk.
    I know I know... I've got a fitting scheduled at MH for Sept. 7. If it comes out as a lower launch shaft I'm going PX family. Anything else I'll buy the PX at the cheap price sell it and get what's recommended. I hit the driver really well today and it just isn't going as far as I know I can hit the ball. I've decided to be done guessing about stuff so fitting it will be
    Haha what's wrong with nonstop pondering and switching? Anyway, I think I made a mistake and I'm not gonna just live with it forever. Gonna get a shaft that fits with the PX.
    I need lessons bad. Bad bad bad. Practice day is Sunday so I'll have range time then. Getting my PX shaft soon, its probably gonna end up booting the Miya period. I'm just not sure the lightweight is gonna work. GO buy an R9 and buy thr Miya from me.
    I need lessons bad. Bad bad bad. Practice day is Sunday so I'll have range time then.
    Well I haven't hit the center of the clubface one time in the last two rounds so I can't tell you :angry:Putting great but everything else is :poop:
    I have no freaking clue where to try shafts around here. MH has some good ones to demo in FCT drivers but no Miyazaki.
    Not really. I demoed all of the Launcher shaft and head combos and none of them really did it for me. I don't want to risk buying one and tipping it then it not working.
    I know that now :doh:. I logged on and 9,000 posts just vanished I thought the world was ending. Then I read the rant thread.
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