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    When you are closing in on a possible PB?

    I might be immune, or maybe it's just that my best scores aren't all that remarkable? But I honestly had no idea where I stood either time I shot my best ever score (73; +3) and was also oblivious the time I shot my best ever score to par (74; +2). I play with some guys who are acutely aware...
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    Do you actively read putts as they pass the hole?

    I always watch them but I still screw up those 2nd putts more than I should. Knowing the line and speed helps but my lack of talent sets a very high hurdle to overcome.
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    2021 Round Count Thread

    Play 9 rounds in November. Winter appears to be holding off for at least the first 2 weeks of Dec so I should squeeze in several more rounds to finish off a prolific (for me) year(y) 2021 to date: 124 rounds / 26 courses / 4 new to me courses (197) / 0 new to me states (29).
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    Hardest shot you hate?

    Little pitches from soft wet bare lies. "Bonus Points" because they're almost always needing to be hit up softly to elevated greens:beat-up:. My delivery is pretty shallow so you'd think I'd be decent enough with this shot but there's just too much scar tissue from past sh!t shows. So I...
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    Alt Shot Hole-in-One

    I've made a par 3 that way. Fatted my first shot in the pond fronting the green and then holed out for three. I can't count that one as a personal HIO. I'd say your hypothetical counts three in the match but I'd have no qualms claiming a personal HIO if I holed out after my partner dunked...
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    Golf next Friday?

    Didn't want to read any responses B4 reply so my Knee Jerk is: Asking today I'm assuming it's the 3rd, ask me tomorrow (Mon) I'd assume the 10th. I realize the weeks technically start on Sunday per a wall calendar but Sunday just fits better at the end of a week ... after all it's considered...
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    I wonder if any THP’ers have...

    Never played it but naively believed I was going to attend The Masters about 30 years ago. We were TDY down at Eglin and our test plane ended up grounded awaiting parts so we had a few unexpected days to kill. Pilot suggested we head up to Augusta. Sounded good enough to me and three of us...
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    Are you an average golfer for your age?

    Play a lot with older golfers now, and I don't see 'total score' as the best way to evaluate this. Wouldn't 'differential' be a better metric on the older side of the scale? IME us old timers are usually teeing off 500 to 1000 yards shorter than we did in our 20s-50s. Those short tees are...
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    Big trips next year?

    Retired, nothing big planned so far, mostly road trips. - Our skins group sets up an away trip, limits it to 12, organizer is still deciding between Phoenix in late Feb or Hot Springs Village in mid May. My official response was both but I'd prefer HSV since I've not played there yet and it'd...
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    What is the last course you played?

    Nice. I love all those courses. Branson Hills is the toughest test around here IMO. If you get this way again be sure to book Ozarks National. Best of the bunch IMO.
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    What is the last course you played?

    I last played Buffalo Ridge earlier this month too, but your pic is Big Cedar Top of the Rock though, right? My last round was at my home course, Rivercut, Springfield MO, last week. Hope you got to enjoyed several courses when you were in Branson.
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    What is your play here? Short island green edition

    Probably a PW most days. Not 100% but pretty close to a full swing going back but hold off and finish lower on the follow through. Keeps the flight down and I tend to find the middle better and doing so lessens odds I'll over rotate the club face coming through like I sometimes do on a fully...
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    What's your golf goals when playing with your regular group?

    Opening my wallet to add some of their money beats the alternative.
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    Would you try to drive this green?

    Short as I am I most likely wouldn't reach the recommended layup circle uphill. So I'd want the number to reach that pair of side by side heart shaped bunkers on the right and hit something to come up just short of them. From there I'd hope to either stuff my pitch or make a putt. Looks like...
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    One Word...


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