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    Minnesota & Wisconsin Thread

    No, at least not planning on it yet. My wife did ask if I wanted to go or volunteer at one of these events but that's as far as we got in conversation.
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    The Tuna Controversy

    Do people really order tuna from those kind of places? That's my equivalent to having gas station sushi.
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    How do YOU eat your bagel?

    With cream cheese and whatever side I grab first.
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    CONTEST Win the Jon Rahm Winning Combo

    I'm absolutely going with my favorite part being the belt. There's something to be said about understated elegance.
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    Socks with Boat Shoes?

    I'm with those that said with no show socks. I absolutely wear socks with my boating shoes, you just can't see them.
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    Do You Make The Tee Times?

    I've never done it. Once @MattyD-MPLS did for the group and we paid after the round. Usually it's my FIL who sets up times because we tend to golf where he wants to golf and I don't really care which course he takes us to, then we all pay our own when we get in.
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    How to clean your clubs

    I feel like I'm with everyone else. Warm water and a few drops of dawn then depending on how dirty they are I have a little brush cleaner and a toothbrush. I then towel dry them and it's all done.
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    What’s going on in this video of Jordan Spieth?

    I saw this yesterday or two days ago or something. I assumed he just got frustrated with that deep shot he took and decided to take it out on the turf. Normally I would say I'm worried about his club breaking, but I guess at his level he has spare clubs that are identical in case something...
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    You have to hit a fairway! What shot shape are you trying to hit?

    The plan would be to aim straight and hit straight. The reality is a slice, but if I am left to compensate it'll shoot straight that time.
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    Push cart mafia deal on Target

    Thanks for that information! I'll have to take a look at that one. I wonder why it's half as much as this one regular price, or if they do the kohls thing where they seemingly mark up stuff just to give a bigger discount.
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    Push cart mafia deal on Target

    The wife and I were browsing the online deal days and came across this push cart. Looks to be nearly half off, I couldn't really find and reviews on it with a phone search. Has anyone used a cart like this or from this company?
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    What golf stuff did you get for Father's day?

    Nothing. However the wife did ask if I wanted to pick out someone new to get lessons from.
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    Equipment Judgement Day?

    If he goes from double to par, then likely there was something distracting him or he was very stiff or something. To answer your question, I don't think I would judge because I don't really care. If the personality was there, I'm good with whatever.
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    2021 Titleist T-Series Irons Hit Tour

    Yay for another great experience. Also it's always fun to read the new release information.
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    Congrats: You Just Won a Callaway Epic Max Driver

    Great prize @ddstanford play it well!

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