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  • The R9 got the boot already? That was almost as fast as my FT-9.
    I didn't sell the Fit, per se - remember those Ci11s that TC got? And now he's the biggest i20 homer? We worked out a deal. Hehe.
    By May isn't going to happen unfortunately. I'll most likely be up there on a college visit trip spring break next year, you stayin' in Jersey or leaving?
    I just looked up your school. HOLY SH!T that place is fancy! If I'm ever in Jersey you're taking me on a tour and we're playing a round!
    -13 bogey free on Wii Sports Resort golf. Am I a noob or a pro?
    I'm the one that reacted poorly. Braun was a guy that Brewer fans were so proud of. Mainly because he wants to stay in Milwaukee. He signed a contract through 2020. But this whole thing makes me sad. I am still waiting if more of the story will come out, either from MLB or Braun.
    Dude, that is every year! haha We're a public school and still get championships suck on them nuts lol
    Just an FYI I hate Blair academy. Back when I was in high school we hated you guys in wrestling(I wasn't on the team) but I never realized you actually go there until I looked at your bag a little more closely.

    Lefties unite :act-up:
    Hey bro. If you go tomorrow, be safe! Thank you for supporting team Hacker's. The rest of the team I appreciate it.
    If you are looking for a wedge I have a brand new CG15 60 with 12* bounce you can have...let me know.
    Yes I got it. Sorry I haven't responded, I was saving the PM in my inbox so I could open it fresh this morning to ship out your Greensaver Divot Repair too. it's a silly thing that helps keep me better organized.

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