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    Phil Mickelson WITB

    Dude, even his milled putter has "WHXG" (White Hot XG) on it. Leads one to beleive Callaway wants the consumers to think Phil is playing an insert.
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    Phil Mickelson WITB

    I bet this had quite the impact, though Phil wouldn't admit it. Callaway probably really wanted him to use an insert and Phil finally said enough is enough and went back to no insert. Also would love to know the tip/butt deflection specs on the Ventus Black 6TX. Does Fujikura post on this site?
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    Tour Event 2020 Masters Contest and Thread

    My pick to win is Patrick Reed.
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    Low Spin affordable driver?

    Currently looking for a low spin driver that is affordable. Ping Anser, Bridgestone J40, and Taylormade SLDR 430 TP are on my list. What do you think? What else should I look into? Thanks

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