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    Shaft help, opinions needed.

    I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to shafts, so I need to ask for help... My current driver (Bstone 445 9.5*) has the PX5.0 shaft in it, I find it to have a slightly too high launch, and be a bit soft... I have used the same driver with a 5.5, and found that to be better in terms of the...
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    Ball similiar to B330 RX?

    I've been playing the B330 RX from Bridgestone for a few months now... I went to a live fitting and they matched me up with that ball. Anyone play a ball that is similar to the B330 RX without the price tag? Thanks
  3. Danilo

    Older drivers with great shafts?

    I've recently taken more of an interest in a new shaft for my driver, and it got me to thinking... What older drivers offer nice shafts as stock? Like the Cleveland TL310 (not really an older driver) comes with a Miyazaki shaft. Are there a lot of older drivers that would be worth buying just...
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    WTB: Project X 5.0 or 5.5 Driver shaft

    Tittle says it all... looking for either a 5.0 or 5.5 PX shaft. Thanks
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    Bridgestone Cart Bag Review

    Hey everyone, as some of you know from the "pondering with OEM" and the "what golf stuff did you buy today" threads, I have pondered and bought myself a Brigestone cart bag. A lot of people have mentioned wanting to see pictures of it and the features. Now... I will say that I was a little...
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    Nike vs Adidas sizing help please.

    I wear nike street shoes, and Nike golf shoes and they both are size 12... Been looking at Adidas lately for some shoes (not the 360 ATV yet) and just wonder from anyone that has owned both Nike/Adidas, how does the Adidas sizing run compared to Nike? Thanks Danilo
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    Another "Win an R11"

    Just got an email from "shark golf" and they are also giving out an R11 Driver... Goodluck!
  8. Danilo

    WTB: Black THP putter headcover.

    This is done. Thanks. Danilo
  9. Danilo

    Woooohhooooooo!!!!! I won! I won!!

    I just got a great e-mail from global golf, I won a Nike Machspeed Driver!!! i really loved that driver, and it was just a matter of time before I bought one!! Just got off the fone with them, and my driver will be here this week, and I get to use it on Saturday !! Edit to add pics. It has...
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    UFC 131 Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin

    So, what's your pick for the main event? I got Junior dos Santos winning it by submission, 2nd round.
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    Club slipping out of hands...

    We see it in the movies, some clumsy character swings away, and the club actually flies out of his hands... Has it ever happened to any of you? I was out in the front yard hitting some found balls into the empty lot across the street/canal, and an iron slipped out of my hand, and flew about...
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    Calusa Country Club Closed... Miami, FL

    Well, Bacardi owns the land, and has closed the course. They plan to open a retirement community in its place. The homeowners don't like it, and it looks like they might actually be able to do something about it. There is a 100 year covenant that requires the land be used only for golf unless...
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    First Time at the range in 6 months

    Well, give or take. I was in a pretty bad car accident in October, and did play once after that, but shortly after, I found out that I have multiple severely bulging disks (close to herniation, but for one reason or another, not true herniated disks) Either way... After taking care of my back...
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    Mac Issues!! :(

    My trusty mac is starting to get on my bad side!! (where I keep memories of the Bear Trap etc...) First, a few weeks ago, the day I wrote my review on the Bridgestone ball testing... The DVD/CD Reader/Burner died on me... not a big deal, when I bought the computer in Dec.07 I paid 300 bux for...
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    Where to find Tourstage orange Ball?

    Saw that tourstage makes an Orange ball, and have been looking for them online for about an hour and a half... Anyone have any Idea where I could find them? I've already ordered some of the Yellow Srixon balls, but would like to try out the Tourstage brightly colored balls as well ( I have not...

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